Nigeria: Police to Clamp-down on Domestically Abusive Husbands

Aug. 5, 2013

NewsRescue- Nigeria’s police appear to have heard and read our cry and the complaint of others on the ravaging issue of domestic violence in Nigeria. Our viral article, “Out of Control: Nigerian men killing their wives” has pulled global traction towards this rampant problem, most prevalent in its deadly forms in the southern parts of Nigeria.

The police headquarters Abuja said it will deploy more officers to clampdown on violators of human rights including people who bully their spouses.

Inspector General Mohammed Abubakar told journalists after a meeting with senior police officers in Abuja that more officers will be trained to safeguard human rights and ensure that officers do not violate the rights of suspects and detainees with the police also dealing with people involved in domestic violence especially physical violence towards women.

He said the police will beam searchlight on those who beat their spouses adding that “You cannot batter your wife because we marry her.”

Though the details of how police will fish out bully husbands have not been made known but the IG was hopeful that the new measure will reduce domestic violence as well as human rights abuse by policemen.