Nigerians Criticize Special Treatment For Chibok Girls Over Dozens Of ‘Ordinary’ Abductees


Nigerians are continuing to criticize and condemn he special treatment for rescued Chibok girls over other abductee men, women, boys and girls and babies that do not get such pampering.

Thousands of Nigerians were abducted in similar conditions before, during and after the hallmark abduction of 234 students form a Chibok school in 2014. It is imagined that when rescues are made, the soldiers immediately ask the girls if any is a Chibok girl. The other victims of the same brutality watch the Chibok girl being treated like a princess while they are rounded up and off to regular camps.

It was reported that over 90 other girls and other victims were rescued at the same time that Amina was rescued.

A Nigerian wrote:

This poignantly brings the discrimination point home. Imagine you are a female abductee, and you’ve been abducted longer, or for about the same time as the CGs. And you have gone through similar BH treatment as the CGs. Then you all manage to escape together, and you are discovered and rescued together, by security agents.

However, you notice that the rescuers are asking for who is a CG amongst you. Soon, one of you identifies herself as such, and, all of a sudden, the rescuers are ecstatic, high-fiving, and putting through calls to upper brass, proudly announcing their find.

She is taken out of you lot, and begins to receive special consideration and treatment, while the rest of you, including those in worse condition than the CG; and those requiring emergency medical attention, are all put on lower priority. How would you feel?

What’s the justification for this?

Then, soon, you hear that the CG with you was now in the Govt House, and is being flashed all over the world’s major tv networks and newspapers, about to be taken to meet the President.
You hear that she has met the President and some members of a movement created solely for the CGs. That the whole world is talking about, and celebrating this one person, without a mention of the other truck loads of you found together with the CG.

And you hear that the CG will never want for the best medical attention, will have her security taken care of, will receive the best education free, will not worry about food, shelter, clothing and career, ever. But you, and the others, are going to an overcrowded IDP camp, as statistics, to be reraped, rejected, and left to live with severe physical and mental pains. 

And, again, you wonder why.

Then you realise it is because you were not fortunate enough for an SPV NGO to have carved you out of the thousand abducted and raped by the BH, to have labelled you a CG, to have advocated for you, and to have provided local and global leaders and politicians the use of your label, Chibok Girls, to promote their political fortunes, and to become a pet elite project that, once recovered, the raw bits in the elite conscience are salved. Nay, numbed. No, anaesthetised. And everyone else, including you, is forgotten as a low priority IDP, or as one killed in BH captivity. Or never found, at all. All thousands of you – infant, toddlers, youths, middle aged, geriatrics, male, female.

The CGs are an elite group, so chosen by society’s elite, to anaesthetise our conscience in our colossal failure on the BH enterprise.