Nigeria’s North Has Been Exposed for Its Fake Jihadism


Before proceeding with this position piece, it is important to establish as I have been corrected of in the past, that “Jihad” means, “Strive” and not “Holy War.”

mubi flee 3
Nigerians running from Mubi under Boko Haram incursion

Ok, so indeed the northern peoples and religious leaders have been completely exposed. They – mostly – are a fraud. Where is the Jihad to free Bama? Where is the Jihad to free Gwoza? Where is the Jihad to free Mubi? No, we will not/ have not heard those quick calls for Jihad this time. But when it is an issue in far away America, Nigeria’s so-called northern ulamahs will be the first and loudest to proclaim their “loyalty” in defense of the faith by making a call for the numerous alMajiri and other poor youth to run out as so-called warriors to fight innocent, unarmed guests in their midst and burn religious sanctities. When it is a cartoon of the Prophet of Islam that Muslims are never instructed to fight about, or beauty pageant, then you will hear these people sending out legions to the so-called Jihad; daring to violate the law of the land. When it is a matter of controversial Islamic banking that the Prophet of Islam on whom be peace never instituted; then you will hear them promise fire and brimstone and violate the tenets of Islam and laws of the land by having Churches and other religious buildings attacked rather than protected as the Muslim Quran commands. [Quran 22:40]

But today and in fact for the most of the past 6 years of the Jonathan administration, the true need for Jihad has presented itself, but these people have been loudly silent. Unlike the religious leaders of Iraq who at the instant that ISIS raised its ugly head called for immediate amassing of Noble youth, hundreds of thousands of whom proceeded to bear arms and have defended the nation from falling to the terrorist group; the Nigerian religious leaders made no call; and if they did, I apologize, I did not hear it.

mubi fleeWhere is the call for Jihad? Did the Prophet of Islam teach them that when there is a true war and a tyrant leadership and terrorist partners are hacking de-armed civilians, Muslims, Christians and others; that it is their duty as religious leaders to leave it up to the “government” to solve? Did the Prophet of Islam teach them that in this case of clear oppression where the freedom of worship and of residence is being deprived; it is their duty to be silent and wait for some certain colonial democratic election charade? Does Islam tell them that when they see their brothers running into the mountains, being chased from their homes by a handful of vagabonds and by the processes of a callous and clueless government that declares a unilateral cessation for fire against these hoodlums to allow them the opportunity to conquer the land; that they should not declare Jihad against this clear terror, but should rather be silent and stay warm under their blankets?

There are few things Boko Haram can be credited with; but this certainly is one and we do hope the northern youth are watching and realizing that they as with the rest of Nigerian youth and poor have only been pawns sacrificed for the political and ungodly ambitions of those who call themselves elders.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian