‘Nuclear warming’ is biggest global threat – Trump

Lazy eyes listen


Former US President Donald Trump stated in an interview that the real threat to the world is “nuclear warming” from a possible nuclear war. He blamed the Biden administration for “everything being horrible” in the United States and around the world.

Trump, who served as President from 2017 to 2021, is running for re-election. On Thursday evening, he gave an exclusive interview to the Spanish-American news outlet Univision at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“We had no problems three years ago. There was no inflation. We had no issues with Ukraine. We had no issues with Israel. We literally had no problems at all. We had a secure border, the most secure it had ever been. “The economy of the United States was the strongest it’s ever been,” Trump told Univision’s Enrique Acevedo. “Everything is terrible right now. You’re going to start a world war. You might end up in World War III.”

“And when I hear these people talking about the environment, the oceans will rise by 1/100 of an inch over a 300-year period.” And what a danger this is! “It’s not a threat,” insisted the former president.

Trump blamed his successor, Joe Biden, for the current state of affairs, which included the Gaza conflict, the Ukraine conflict, and US relations with Russia and China.

“The United States has an incompetent leader.” He can’t, he can’t leave the stage. He can’t seem to find the stairs. He can’t even string two sentences together. He is unable to communicate. And this man is dealing with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, [Chinese President Xi [Jinping], and all of these people who probably don’t love us, but we have someone negotiating for us,” Trump told Acevedo.

The most dangerous threat to the world is nuclear weapons, Trump said, adding that “we have a man who doesn’t even know what a nuclear weapon is as our chief negotiator.”

Russia downgraded its participation in the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) earlier this month, citing the US’s refusal to ratify it for over 25 years. Moscow has also suspended the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with the United States, claiming that it is pointless while Washington seeks Russia’s “strategic defeat” through Ukraine.