Most Americans feel poorer under Biden – poll

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According to the latest monthly poll done by the Global Strategy Group and North Star Opinion Research, a majority of US voters are dissatisfied with President Joe Biden’s economic policies, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

According to the results, 61% of respondents disapproved of Biden’s management of the economy, while 36% approved.

Almost 70% said Biden’s economic policies have either harmed or had no effect on the American economy. Some 33% believe the president’s policies have “significantly harmed the economy.” Only 26% thought Biden’s policies were useful, and only 14% thought their finances had improved since the president began office.

Some 82% of respondents expressed particular concern about rising prices and the present administration’s reluctance to address the issue. In September, US inflation fell from last year’s peak of 9.1% to 3.7% year on year, still significantly above the 2% objective. Inflation was rated as the greatest threat to the US economy in the next six months by 75% of those polled.

“Every group – Democrats, Republicans, and independents – names rising prices as the most serious economic threat… and the most significant source of financial stress.” That’s poor news for Biden, especially given how little he can do to change people’s perceptions of prices before Election Day,” Erik Gordon, a professor at Michigan’s Ross School of Business, said.

Of the respondents, 52% said they had cut spending on food or other everyday necessities due to higher prices, while some 65% were forced to slash non-essential spending on things such as holidays or eating out.

The poll was conducted online between November 2 and 7 among 1,004 registered voters nationwide.