Presidency Rekindles Hope In Specialist Training Amongst Young Nigerian Physicians In Training

His Excellency,
President Muhammad Buhari
President and Commander -in-Chief of the Armed Forces,
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Also Rock Villa, Abuja,


I bring you greeting from the Office of Sub-Regional Executive Director/ Coordinator for West Africa of Junior Doctors of Africa (JDA).

JDA is the umbrella body of doctors who are below the level of medical consultants in Africa.

One of the primary mandates of our association is to promote and protect the interest of Resident Doctors in Africa with a view of ensuring a better standard of health care delivery and their welfare in Africa.

The West African region is eternally grateful to you on your prompt intervention into the dispute between NARD and Ministry of Health. JDA is excited to be informed that you have intervened and even further directed that a platform be provided to resolve all issues relating to the improvement of healthcare system which is a cardinal element in your administration agenda.

Your intervention indeed have saved millions of lives in the West African region.

Your grand plan of a collaborative approach through input from all the stakeholders in health sector is welcomed because it will further provide an opportunity for stakeholders to be informed, contribute and help guide relevant stakeholders on ways and manner to collectively work with your government for the establishment of a robust and sustainable healthcare system for Nigerian. This we believe is a veritable method to advance the health sector, in Nigeria.

Your Excellency, Nigeria is the most populous nation in west Africa bloc and in Africa, so a health crisis at this time of rebuilding your country will have negative ripple effect in the region first and in Africa in general.

Your Excellency, Nigerians are exceptional and highly intelligent people with great potentials amongst her youth in all the areas of life. it may interest your Excellency to know that a young resident doctor currently in the residency training program in your country, though from the only Federal tertiary health institution in Rivers State, emerged the best Resident Doctor in the world following his paper presentation at 200th World Medical Association / Junior Doctors Network Conference in Oslo, Norway about 11months ago, making him the first African to receive the prestigious Junior Doctor Champion Award for 2015.

We know and believe many more potentials like him still exist in all the region and States in your country and abroad, all waiting to be discovered or for a proper national integrated platform to harness their numerous potential.

Sir, Africa and Nigerians are aware that their country is faced with a lot of challenges and the consequences of not properly addressing these issues over the years have created a lot of security, socio-economic challenges, violence and humanitarian conditions with far reaching health implications that your government is trying to resolve swiftly, in partnership with the international community.

We use this medium to equally plead for your intervention to the plight of workers generally at the State level in your country, with special attention to the medical doctors and health workers, who sadly have not been paid salaries ranging from 5months to 10 months. One can only imagine what these workers are experiencing about this time, your intervention will greatly renew hope and also widen your influence to galvanize a total rejuvenation of your country.

The integrative approach you intend to adopt for healthcare delivery, will bring the expected Federal dividend from your robust health package to the average Nigerian at the State level and will comprehensively drive effective health care to every region in your nation.

Your Excellency, I must equally commend the maturity and leadership by Rt.Hon.Yakubu Dogara the Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, to see to the peaceful resolution of this impasse over the last few days. It shows that your Government encourages the effective participation of all arms of Government, we equally have been told by the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria leadership led by Dr. Mohammad Askira, the relevant assistance and sincere support from both Hon.Betty Okagua-Apifi, Chair, House Committee on Health Institutions in the Federal House of Representatives and her counterpart at the Senate Chambers Dr.Lanre Tejuosho who is the Senate Chairman, Committee on Health, not also forgetting the Chairman, House Committee on Labour matters at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon.Ezenwa Francis, with support from Hon.Tony Nwoye a doctor in Federal House of Representatives and the Nigerian Medical Association ably led by Prof.Mike Ogirima, collectively they all have helped to prevent an humanitarian disaster of epic magnitude as the story filtered of crisis in the health sector few days ago.

Your Excellency, working together as one united nation (especially Government at all level , Doctors and other health workers) will help greatly the change and advancement expected in health sector in your country.

The United Nations have unanimously agreed that one of the cardinal benefits any Government in Africa can extend to her citizens in this century is a good quality health care delivery system that is accessible and affordable with properly trained and motivated professional workforce.

Your Excellency, giving a sense of belonging to stakeholders in the Health sector who equally are citizens of Nigeria and your creation of a conducive environment for health personnel is key to delivering and rendering qualitative health care to Nigerians.

Your Excellency, doctors , health workers and Nigerians are looking up to your government to kick start the restructuring of health care system for the benefit of Nigerians.

Once again, Your excellency we thank you for your timely intervention and for giving hope to your doctors in Nigeria. Already, the positive news have filtered in of your commitment to their future and sincerely we welcome such development .

West Africa and Africa in general appreciates your intervention.

Following the restoration of peace, we plead that various medical and health associations in Nigeria will work together with the current administration as you reposition the country and subsequently sustain the healthcare system in Nigeria.

Your Excellency, accept the assurances’ of our highest regards.

Thanks you.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live WMA
Long live JDA
Long live NMA
Long live NARD

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Gbujie .C. Daniel
Junior Doctors of Africa
Regional Executive Director/Coordinator For West Africa


Associate Member
World Medical Association