Where President Buhari Lost Me (A Brief Rumination On The N-Power), By Modiu Olaguro


The release of some 200,000 names for the N-power scheme, however, laudable remains to me as an acidic insult on the sensibilities of the Nigerian youth.

This scheme, again I say, is not worthy to be honored by our participation as a citizen of the federal republic. Let the president remove his nephew from CBN to N-power. Let him prick the nepotistic Fowler to throw out those names he recruited through the back door at the FIRS. Let the president reclaim the lavish honor we once threw at him by terminating the criminal appointments of those sons of thick criminals that got employed into the prison service via a shady process.

I maintain that every Nigerian youth, however deep (s)he had felt in love with Buhari ought to have withdrawn in totality, his or her affection for him the moment he—via proxy—begun the compartmentalization of jobs.

Why should Nigerians be happy with N-power whose processing took millions of poor citizens weeks to complete while sons and daughters of criminals who roam around the corridor of power got appointment letters without submitting a CV?

Which is supposed to be difficult to get, a job of N30, 000 a month that will terminate after two years or that whose annual pay alone runs to millions of naira?

All we ask from these leaders is equity. Its justice we demand from them. They said they gave the posh jobs to the most qualified! Good.

What was Atiku’s daughter scared of that the CBN could not make her write employment test with graduates from Nigerian universities? What about Daura’s, or Osinbajo’s candidates?

Let the unemployed graduate who got this job manage the N30, 000. Although a totally insulting amount, do your best, teach well, mark well, love the kids—not for the pay, not for the undeserving president, but for humanity.

Modiu Olaguro writes from Lagos.

Email: [email protected] wrote on SaharaReporters