President Jonathan Must Resign Immediately Father Mbaka Warns


SIBLINGS PRAYERSIt is the same historic video in which Father Mbaka delivered what he called his ‘golden message to Nigerians.’

In it he warned that Nigeria should not even wait for elections but President Jonathan should best resign immediately due to the immense suffering, corruption and death.

2000 Nigerians just died in Baga, Borno state as Boko Haram continued its genocide on the region which President of Nigeria has admitted being incapable of controlling. The terrorists continue to grow in strength and deadliness and have murdered thousands as many as 100,000 and continue to occupy large parts of the northeast and conquer more territory, conscripting more youth forced soldiers.

Father Mbaka said that Boko Haram is a child of unemployment, mass looting and poor governance.

Mbaka prayed that 2015 should not be another year of sorrow, or hooligans maneuvering to hijack power. It should be a year of change. He called on President Jonathan to do the right thing and “quietly resign honorably… and let Nigeria be.” Saying further that the “Goodluck” in Jonathan had become bad luck to Nigeria. And that whatever brought him should take him away.

Father Mbaka said if Jonathan continues it will be disaster for Nigeria.

The 21 minute video has in barely one week garnered over 250,000 views.