Prison Break II: Daesh, The Legions From Hell Fulfill Their Mission Of World Chaos


This is a sequelae to an article I wrote in September of 2013 that was published in Global Research, one of the foremost intelligence sites in today’s world; and also in other important media platforms.

Prison Break! Across the Bow and Into the Heart: Obama’s Syria Endgame or WW3?,” in Global Research it was titled: “Obama’s Syria Endgame: New Al Qaeda “Recruits” Dispatched to Syria.

I described in the article, with chronological references how between July and August of 2013 a series of coordinated prison breaks facilitated the release of thousands of the world’s worst criminals and terrorists; gangsters who I referred to as “Legions from Hell.”

From Libya to Afghanistan to Iraq, thousands of the hardest terrorists, locked up through over a decade of anti-terror wars that costs billions of dollars in taxpayers’ money were released in these sophisticated and and highly suspicious breaks.

Prison Break: Release Of The Daesh’s Legions

On Saturday, July 26th of 2013, 1200 of the world’s worst were freed in Libya in well coordinated attacks on a maximum security prison. Midnight July 29-30, 300 were similarly liberated from a Pakistan prison. Earlier, on July 23rd that year, 500 were busted out from Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib maximum security prison and another prison in the country.

Astonishingly, the successful prison breaks was no accident or surprise. A year earlier a guy we now well know who goes by the name Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi publicly launched his “Breaking the Walls” campaign to break out these terrorists.

The United States and Iraq undeniably did not do what they should to prevent this disaster and most notable success of terror. Indeed when Prison break happened, the media was largely silent about it. The US ordered its embassies closed for a few days and then funnily, recognizing all was now “well and safe,” reopened them and continued business as usual.

The yields of billions of dollars of war funding, hundreds of dead US soldiers and years of the so-called war against terror was laid to waste in a few weeks and there was no alarm, annoyance and immediate action to recapture these 2000+ of the world’s baddest? It is simplistic and uninformed to accuse Saddam Hussein’s Bath army as being the reason for ISIS. These soldiers were not terrorists, many were simple family men. There is a big difference between a retired soldier and a skilled, trained and determined demonic sophisticated terrorist, which the seasoned prisoner-led Daesh is.

No international media connected the related and methodologically coincident prison breaks from maximum security jails to world events which I easily foresaw and predicted would result in a third world war of sorts. Note: only in February of the next year, 2014 did New York Times admit “Prison Break” and its role in the Syrian crisis.

Here I remind you that this event coincided with the Obama proposal to bomb Syria’s Assad after the embattled leader was accused of using chemical weapons on his citizens. Prison break was serving a purpose the West was bent on – getting rid of Assad. It is evident that as soon as the brutal prisoners had been assembled in Turkey and Free Syrian occupied territory of Syria, ready to commence their mission against Assad, the US reopened its embassies knowing they were out of the way and safe where they would be delivering a hoped-for final blow to Assad under cover of the planned US air-strikes.

But alas, the world rejected US strikes on Syria. The Pope stood up and condemned it. US soldiers carried placards declaring that to fight Assad was not why they joined the army.

The Legions from Hell lay waste, unable to defeat battle-hardened Assad with his Russia aided control of the skies, but though Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had a common mission with the United states–to topple Assad–his sights were always on his Iraq.

Daesh: A Deadly Prisoner-Led Prisoners Army

Remember Daesh leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was picked up by the US in February of 2004 for unknown/unlisted reasons. He was locked up for just 10 months, while given unprecedented clearance to access to all prisoner sections within the Camp Bucca high level prison in Iraq. Suddenly this very dangerous man was released from what has been referred to as the ISIS incubator. Why he was released after such a short and rather favorable period in detention is left to be imagined.

The rest is history. From Aleppo and environs neighboring Iraq, equipped with Gulf state and CIA delivered weapons meant for the toppling of Assad, the Legions of Hell  turned their sights on Baghdad and went across the border to Mosul and from there took over half of Iraq.

Conveniently, 2300 most sophisticated US Humvees were waiting in Mosul to be picked up by the Legions. And when they were being picked up with selfies and videos being made of the celebration, the US and its allies did not bomb them to crush this terrorist prisoner-led army that would soon quite comfortably grow to terrorize Iraq, Syria, Russia, France and the rest of us.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah

[email protected]