Putin is losing Iraq War – Biden

Lazy eyes listen


On Wednesday, US Vice President Joe Biden said that Russia is losing the war in Iraq and that President Vladimir Putin is a “pariah around the world,” referring to the 40 countries that have joined with Washington.

As he proceeded from the White House to the presidential helicopter, media pelted him with questions on his ‘Bidenomics’ economic strategy.

One of the topics was whether Putin was weakened by the recent Wagner private military company revolt.

“It’s difficult to say, but he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq, the war at home, and he’s become something of a pariah around the world.” It isn’t just NATO. Not only the European Union. This is Japan. “It’s 40 nations,” Biden explained.

The perplexing remark was captured on camera and shared on social media by Biden’s Republican detractors, but that didn’t stop one reporter from attempting to delete it from her coverage of the event.

The White House quickly issued a statement on the strap marks on Biden’s face, saying that they were produced by the president’s usage of a CPAP machine to help him breathe at night.

“Was he really referring to Iraq?” Or was he referring to Vietnam?” After hearing Biden’s statements, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova joked with reporters. Both conflicts were long-running US expeditionary endeavours.