Re: Is Amnesty Intn’l Back To Torment Nigeria’s Sovereignty? … Buhari Should Stop Harassing @Amnesty



On 12-14th December, 2015, President Buhari sent the Nigerian Army to the Northern city of Zaria where they attacked the Shia minority Islamic center, Husseiniyya, bombed it and killed hundreds of Shia worshippers. The Nigerian Army in that killing spree also attacked the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky where they killed hundreds of his followers that included his three children. They burnt dozens of innocent Nigerians alive at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky and completely destroyed the residence. After this brutal and inhuman massacres Massacre, President Buhari ordered the Kaduna state Governor Elrufai to dump the dead bodies in mass graves.

All local and international human rights organizations strongly condemned the monumental savagery and extreme barbarism of the Nigerian Army against defenseless Nigerians. President Buhari, Elrufai, army chief Buratai and their murderous gang initially thought that by burying the victims of the state-sponsored genocide against the Shia minority in mass graves they had buried the inhuman massacre of over one thousand innocent Nigerians. President Buhari ordered the Kaduna state Governor Elrufai to establish a kangaroo judicial commission of inquiry that will blame the murdered victims of the inhuman massacre. All these done by Buhari and his murderous gang but Nigerians, the international community and international human rights organizations continue the call for the prosecution of the murderous criminals who brutally slaughtered 1000+ innocent Nigerians in Zaria.

Every 30th August of every year is marked as “International Day of solidarity with victims of Enforced Disappearances ” and the London-based human rights organization, Amnesty International, marked the event in Abuja with some families of the enforced disappearance in Nigeria in attendance. Families of some of the victims told Amnesty International about their painful ordeal of years in search for justice. For example, Malama Zainab Isa said that her husband Abdullahi Abbas and their six (6) children’s whereabout or fate is not known since the night of December 14, 2015 following the clashes in Zaria:

“He sells books at the Husainiyyah where the clashes took place. All six of our children were with him that day. Up to now we don’t know their fate. We don’t know whether the seven (7) of them are alive or dead and no one is giving us any information that can ease our pain.”

The huge success of the Amnesty International program and it wide coverage in Nigeria and international media outlets triggered the Buhari murderous gang to sponsor articles such as the above-named written by fictitious name “Godwin Onoja” to destract attention. Since #ZariaMassacre the Nigerian Army chief Buratai, a corrupt Dubai landlord and a notorious mass murderer, uses the fictitious names of “Godwin Onoja and Anthony Kolawole ” to further their evil agenda of #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. The most laughable part of the Godwin Onoja’s article is where he made mentioned of the sponsored-attacks on Amnesty international by paid agents of the Nigerian regime. Civil rights activists exposed those attacks on Amnesty international by those government paid agents.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has been peaceful for close to forty years of its existence with no single report of killing any Nigerian. During tribal and religious conflicts #IMN always call for peace and restrain. During the 2011 post-election violence that was caused by the provocative statements of Buhari, Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence in Zaria was a refuge to hundreds Christians from bloodthirsty Buhari’s supporters.

Godwin Onojo tried to tag Shia Islam as “terrorist sect”. Shia Islam is a sect within Islam practice by more than 300 million Muslims around the world. The terrorism-enabled sect that inspired #ISIS, #BokoHaram, #AlQaeda etc is not Shia Islam. The murderous sect that inspired all these murderous terrorist groups is Wahhabism, the sect of Buhari, Elrufai and Buratai. Followers of Shia Islam do not massacre 1000s innocent women and children and wickedly dump the dead bodies in mass graves at night as Buhari and his murderous gang did during #ZariaMassacre. Nigerians have never hear the news of Shias with suicide belts or explosive-laden car attacking markets, Churches, Mosques, schools etc. It is Buhari’s sect that perpetrate such monstrous evil and barbaric inhumanity. #ShiaGenocide is a global agenda of murderous Wahhabi terrorism that is funded by Saudi Arabia. President Buhari celebrated the inhuman Zaria massacre with the savage Saudi king Salman four days after the massacre.

On a final note, hiding under the guise of “Nigerian security and sovereignty” to brutally slaughter thousands of innocent Nigerians will never be an escape gate of Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang of mass murderers. Justice will catch up with these murderous criminals one day.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]