Re-DSS Propaganda: Any Protest By IMN Will Always Remain Peaceful

Zakzaky and Buhari


Our attention has been drawn to a report emanating from the
Directorate for state security saying that they have learnt from
credible sources that Shiites are to embark on violent protest.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has no plan whatsoever to stage
any violent protest; hence this report is another from the purveyors
of half-truths among the agents of DSS that are profiteering from the
denial of the rights of IMN members and should be disregarded.

Similar fake so-called intelligent reports by the Military alleging
that IMN members were stockpiling arms for revenge attack was the
alibi for the December 2015 massacre, which led to the extra-judicial
murder of over a thousand innocent citizens in Zaria. This was later
disproved even by their own one-sided Commission of inquiry that found
and reported that the widely held belief that IMN was stockpiling
weapons was not true.

The DSS and other security agents must realise that peaceful protests
are the inalienable rights of citizens. They must come to terms with
this fact. It cannot be denied under any pretense. The
heavy-handedness of security agents since the unjustifiable December
2015 attack is enough justification for peaceful protests.
Additionally, the continued detention of our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky by
the federal government in contempt of the court is a further
justification for peaceful protests.

We will like to reassure the general public that our protests will
continue to remain peaceful no matter the provocation  as it has
always been. We will not succumb to any intimidation. We remain
focused and resolute on our demand for the immediate and unconditional
release of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and other detainees.


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