Saudi-Linked Takfiri Daesh Claims Responsibility For #Brussels Bombing

Kurdish media outlets reported Tuesday that terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the series of blasts that shook Brussels, leaving up to 31 dead and 35 injured.

That information hasn’t been confirmed by Western intelligence or security experts.

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But the Express reported Europe’s analysts are saying similarly.

“Security experts and a leading European government minister have also suggested ISIS are to blame for the Brussels atrocity,” the newspaper said.

The attack comes just four days after Salah Abdeslam was arrested in the Belgian capital, in the Molenbeek district. Terror analysts say the Brussels bombings at the airport and transportation system could be a revenge for that arrest, or out of fear he might reveal plans about upcoming attacks.

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Salman of Saudi
Salman of Saudi

Meanwhile, Spanish Foreign Secretary Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo came right out and faulted ISIS, which he called by its Arabic name, Daesh.

“Let’s stop pretending,” he said, the Express reported. “Let’s worry about Daesh, which is the enemy.”

He called ISIS a “terrorist cancer,” and said: “We must be aware that as they are hit in Syria and Iraq, they are going to go elsewhere. They have sleeper cells all over the world and Belgium has a very serious problem.”