Sultan Warns Buhari Over #ZariaMassacre

Sultan of Sokoto, President-General NSCIA
  • As many as 1000 Muslims were killed at various unrelated locations in the massacre Human Rights Watch has condemned as unjustified
  • We are in this era of insurgency because Allah is angry with us. And the way to repent is not to shed the blood of innocent people. – Dahiru Bauchi


buhari2President of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs expressed shock and sadness over the ongoing outbreak of deadly violence involving the Nigerian army and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, led by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Abubakar in a statement, signed by secretary-general of the NSCIA, Prof. Is-haq O. Oloyede, said at a time Nigeria is facing serious problems, the least expected is a conflict between the military and Shiites.‎

The statement reads in part: “While there are claims and counter-claims on what actually precipitated the latest heart-rending incident, the NSCIA urges the authorities to exercise restraint. The history of the circumstances that engendered the outbreak of militant insurgency in the past, with cataclysmic consequences that Nigeria is yet to recover from, should not be allowed to repeat itself.

“We urge the Federal Government to immediately constitute a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to thoroughly unravel the immediate and remote causes of the current mayhem. Besides, the Commission should also investigate the past incidents involving the Movement so that justice can be done.

 “The sanctity of human life is inviolable in Islam and painstaking efforts should be made at all times to prevent bloodshed. In other words, life is sacred and the fundamental responsibility of Government is to guarantee the security of life and property.

“While no group should be allowed to constitute law unto itself or arrogate unconstitutional powers to itself under any guise, the fact still remains that the position of law is clear when there is any breach. Therefore, as order is the first law of heaven, normalcy and restraint should be taken seriously.

“May the Almighty Allah guide our leaders right and guard us Nigerians against our own indiscretion at all times.

4000 men kilometers-long human chain in Mumbai
4000 men kilometers-long human chain in Mumbai

Two weeks after, the Nigerian Presidency is yet to officially comment on the massacre while a campaign of calumny including photoshopped images and covet sectarian-strife promoting press releases is aggressively being promoted in formal and social media.