Terrorists Kill Quran Haafiz, Sheikh Adam Aliyu Musa Hassan At Home In Kano

by Imam Murtada Muhammad Gusau

Yesterday night wallahi these people attacked and killed Sheikh Adam Aliyu Musa Hassan (Abu Bassam) in his house at Tishama Area bypass Kano. He is Alaramma (i.e. Haafiz/Memorizer of the whole Noble Qur’an), a former student of Islamic university Madina, Kulliyatul Qur’anil Kareem. A teacher at the Islamic legal Studies Ringim Jigawa state and also Hanan International School Kano. He is also the deputy Imam (Na’ibi) in Ahmad Bin Taimiyyah Jumu’at Mosque Kurosha Sauna area. His Janaza (Funeral Prayer) took placed today at 1:00PM at his house situated at Tishama bye pass Hotoron Arewa Kano.

I ask Allah (SWT) in His infinite mercy to forgive him his shortcomings and failings. And may he (SWT) make Aljannah Firdausi to be his last Abode ameen. And I ask Allah (SWT) to destroy the Terrorists and all their supporters, sponsors, and collaborators. I also ask Allah the Mighty, the Lord of the Mighty Throne to kill them like the killing of Aad, Thamuud and Fir’awn, yaa Allah, yaa Rahman, yaa Rahim, yaa Dhal-Jalaali wal-Ikraam. Yaa Allah! Snatch and hold them, “AKHAZA AZEEZIN MUQTADIR”


Written by Your Brother,

Imam Murtada Muhammad Gusau

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