The Inability Of Paul Boroh To Lead The Amnesty Programme

Dear Mr President  Muhammadu Buhari GCFR,
We are United Brothers of Niger Delta, we go around the World to  take statistics of  Niger Delta Amnesty Programme trainees abroad.  We been doing this for years, but our recent visit to some countries shows that the current administration led by Paul Boroh lack the ability to manage the students and trainee home and abroad.

Our job is to transform Niger Delta to enable it safe for investors, we fought the former administration too when things goes bad, The programme is been mismanaged by Paul Boroh and one of his head of Education Tam Mologue, we therefore call for their dismissal immediately.

The reasons are lack of constant  payment of  trainee their in training allowance, Medical bells, Housing allowance, home and abroad in some schools abroad some students are yet to receive four months allowance while others are five months, students in Belarus, Russia, Philippines and other countries are facing problems. A student in Philippines have to ask money from his parent to return home according to him is better to die in Nigeria than to  by hunger, in foreign country.

A student almost lost his life due to constant beaten up  by Dubai CID in UAE recently, when they asked him he said he is from Nigeria that was the offence   which Boroh does nothing about it.

We have written to Boroh  so many times, but he failed to listened to us, that is why we are coming to the public. The Niger Delta struggle is an ideology that idea is still fresh in the heart and minds of the  people and if this your government fail to bring these people closer, we promise you that it will be bad start for your  administration.

There are a lot of things we may not include in this write up, we want you to sack Boroh, honestly your administration appointed the wrong sets of people from Niger Delta to manage the region. Therefore, we are appealing for your to remove Boroh from that office because he is clueless, and lack paying attention to sensible issues.

We know you are a General too, but you can’t fight many war at the same time and expect victory. The beneficiary of the programme made up their mind to stage protest from various centers in  abroad and in Abuja 10,000 youths.

If you want peace in Niger Delta and stable Economy sack Gen. Paul Boroh and Tam mologue the head of  education in the programme. We have calm down people from this region long time ago, we are not interested in politics because politicians have failed their generations so far. Mr President if you base your appointment because of political party you will always fail people; that is the reason Boroh is not doing well, there are better people in Niger Delta than Paul Boroh. Take every little  information you hear very serious, don’t ignore this because it is coming from those who speak to the sea and those who have the control of millions. The ones you may hear talking a lot on the news are powerless have you ever heard a powerful man brag about something? we don’t want to be used by politicians that is why we remain unknown to the public, but we controlled the unthinkable.
Nigerian government should be concerned about the unknown.
United Brothers of  Niger Delta