Time For The #AdoptNigeria Revolution


More than being just hopeful, I join others to strongly urge that we all participate in the building of this New Nigeria, a Nigeria we dream of, #ANigeriaWeLove!

30 years of Babangida and his PDP party has all but completely ruined Nigeria. We all know this. It is no story that over the 30 years, 80% of Nigeria’s assets and oil revenue has been gifted to a set of cabal, Babangida, Alakija, David Mark, Gusau, Dasuki, Obasanjo, Osigwe, Arogbofa, Dangote, their Godson Jonathan, God-daughter Diezani, their World Bank cyborg Ngozi and so on and so forth. President Jonathan bragged that his government has continued the Babangida-Obasanjo-PDP style of making the most billionaires of Africa in Nigeria. Indeed what we all know since Babangida’s era and through his brother by adoption Abdulsalami and their handover to their party, PDP and its era is the “Nigeria is the only country in the world where you can wake up a millionaire,” cliché. Indeed it is.

And these select few Babangida-PDP billionaires, aka cabal, by selectively trickling to their tailors, servants and sycophants, have made a handful other millionaires.

Now, apart from these, we do thank God that some of us too have defeated the odds and survived the selective policies designed to crush us and promote the Babangida-PDP oligopolies. Some of us have successfully defied the odds and made a few bucks while we did not benefit from the billions of dollar bailouts and import waivers given to the Dangotes and Transcorps et al. We defied gravity and have a little money in spite of oligopolistic policies of the 30-year kakistocracy.

But today as we build a new Nigeria, we recognize that Nigeria is broke. The 16 years of PDP on top of 14 years of Babangida and his boys has left us $60 billion in debt. It is no news that our Central Bank governor pointed out that $20 billion was looted in just 18 months he chose to examine; these figures an independent review (not audit) by PwC confirmed. And that was only for 18 months reviewed out of 6 years; 16 years and a total of 30 years. Estimates put it at at least $120 billion looted in Jonathan’s years and over $480 billion looted for the entire 30 year Babangida and his PDP monitored by his boys, David Mark, Obasanjo, Aliyu Gusau, Dasuki and co, years.

Yet we cannot just cry and leave it all to Buhari and Osinbajo to fix. Therefore I propose the “Adopt Nigeria” project. #AdoptNigeria

Let there be an adoption department, and we all individually or in groups, adopt Nigerian assets, infrastructure and communities. We adopt roads, we adopt public buildings, we adopt ravaged communities, we adopt orphaned children, kids cast out as witches, robbers’ children, Almajiris, Boko’s victim women and babies, etc.

Let us have an adoption revolution to purify Nigeria from the 30 years of evil with as many and more years of good. Let us take charge of our destiny. Let us not wait for our government.

Hopefully with the Buhari-Osinbajo government’s support, our names will be listed in an online adoption register and adoption emblems bearing our names, initials or logos will be put on the road signposts, on the buildings, at the entrances to communities and the like that we have adopted and repair and cater for.

Nigeria has given a lot to us. Those of us who are alive today and survived oil poisoning in the Niger Delta, and survived lead poisoning in Zamfara and survived government tolerated  riots in the north and Ombatse killing, and free flowing Fulani dressed herdsmen killings and government sponsored  Boko Haram bombings and government orchestrated Odi and Zaki Biam and more and more, as our governments looted us silly while directly promoting these pogroms, have a lot to give thanks for.

Join me as I usher in the Adopt Nigeria project. Let’s get our new government in on it with us. Let’s be a new race…the difference that we want to see in our world.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian