Vaccinated Piers Morgan Asks Twitter for Advice Amid ‘Shocking’ COVID Symptoms 18 Days On

by Laura Hannam,

Piers Morgan is asking the public for help via Twitter amid his COVID battle.

The former Good Morning Britain host, 56, has been battling COVID-19 for several weeks now.

In fact, he believes he contracted the virus while he watched the Euro final match live at Wembley.

Taking to Twitter, Piers tweeted: “Day 18 since COVID symptoms started and still have shocking fatigue & little taste/smell. Anyone else who got virus after being fully vaccinated having same ‘journey’?”

Piers Morgan asks, Twitter delivers

Luckily, dozens of Piers’ followers say they’re in a similar boat.

One user lamented: “My husband and I both fully vaccinated and very unwell after being diagnosed with COVID at beginning of July.

“My husband is 51yrs and this is the first time in his working life he’s been off work unwell. We didn’t wake up today until 12:40 and had to drag ourselves out of bed.”

Another user sympathised with: “I am double vaccinated and I caught COVID, I am still incredibly exhausted all the time, it has been just over 5 weeks now and no change.

“My GP said that it should be away in 12 weeks, my taste is only just recovering properly now and my smell took 3 weeks to come back.”

However, some ‘anti-vaxxers’ used Piers’ words as a chance to poke fun at him being fully vaccinated.

One user jibed: “Sounds like your vaccine wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.”

And another user teased: “Vaccine is doing wonders then..”

Piers is still grateful for his vaccinations

Indeed, Piers has previously expressed his dismay at testing positive for COVID-19 – despite receiving both vaccinations.

Taking to his Daily Mail column, he wrote: “But what we don’t really know yet is exactly how effective the vaccines are at preventing serious illness or worse.

“Apparently two jabs of AstraZeneca reduce the risk of infection by 65 to 90 per cent, symptomatic disease by 70 to 85 per cent, hospitalisation by 80 to 99 per cent, and death by 75 to 99 per cent – and given how bad I currently feel, that’s an unsettling uncertainty.”

Yet he then added: “One thing’s for sure though: I’d be feeling a damn sight more unsettled if I hadn’t been vaccinated.”

In fact he says that he believes getting both vaccinations actually “saved” his life.

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