Zakzaky Brother of Different Mother And Sunnite Sect Leader Happy Army Massacred Shia

By Abdulgafar Alabelewe,

Elder brother of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria otherwise known as Shiite group, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoob El-Zakzaky, Muhammad Sani Yaqoob, yesterday said he is very happy with the actions taken by the Nigerian Army in the last December clash between the Army and the Shi’ites in Zaria.

Muhammad Sani Yaqoob, made this submission at the ongoing Judicial Commission of inquiry probing the clash in Kaduna on Monday.

He continued when he said, the Nigerian Army would have been useless if they had made a u-turn on the spot of the Zaria clash where the members of the Shi’ites group barricaded the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai.

Muhammad, who spoke in Hausa told the gathering that he shared the same father with El-Zakzaky, but different mothers. He said there was no clash between him and El-Zakzaky while growing up except that he has different ideology.

Zakzaky loaded in wheel barrow
Zakzaky loaded in wheel barrow

He said El-Zakzaky is 4th child in the family of 16, describing him as very sharp and intelligent.

Muhammad Sani Yaqoob who is also the Chairman of Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa’iqamatis Sunnah, (JIBWIS) in Zaria  said the Shiite group were being funded by Iran.

According to him, “They are funded by Iran. They go to Iran twice in a year and they meet there. I have people who after they come back from their trip do come and tell me,” he said.

He said the Second in Command to Sheikh El-Zakzaky, Muhammad Turi fueled the Army/Shiite clash, with the Sheikh himself as the root cause.

However, he recommended to the sitting that whoever is found wanting after compilation of its report should be made to face the wrath of the Law.


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