#ZariaMassacre: Tribute to ABU Hero, Martyr Mujaheed Isah Waziri

Soldiers who were deployed to Hussainiyah Islamic Center that triggered citizens to block street as they feared an unprovoked assault

By Najeeb Umar Maigatari

The December 12/13 Zaria massacre will ever remain a black day in the hearts of students of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU) and in the hearts of the peaceful members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and ofcourse in the heart of every sympathetic individual who cares for, values and respects humanity.

Mujaheed Isah Waziri is among the 1000+ innocent Shi’a Muslims brutally attacked by the despotic Nigerian military during their carnage on the peaceful members of the IMN led by their Chief of staff Tukur Burutai. Though, the actual cause of the brutal massacre is not yet said. The military till date failed to convince the world on this merciless massacre; all their evidences to cover the carnage appears inhumane, barbaric, pre-planned and despotic.

Mujahid Isah
Mujaheed Isah

Students in ABU are condoling with us over the whereabout of this great hero. He was the Class representative of 300 level geography, his class members declare him as someone very responsible who always put their needs before his, cares for their well fare, ensures peaceful and condusive environment in the class. “We can never have another Mujaheed Waziri ever” they said crying. Till this write up they did not nominate another class rep who will take over him because of how they respect him.

I overheard many students talking about his good conducts. He is a comrade, popular and friendly. I always smile when I overhear something like this.

He is among the edition crew of the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement (AFIMN) ABU Zaria chapter. He have a well planned future on how to boast Sheikh Zakzaky’s Da’awah. He planned on AFIMN ABU Chapter paying an honorary visit to Pastor Yohanna Buru of Kaduna state, visit to the Christians of the academia in order to improve the human brotherhood between us, visit to Fudiyyah Zaria and even organising debate and quiz competition among them.

I saw him last in Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah on the day of commomerating the martyrdom of the holy prophet (SAWW). I even passed without recognizing him. He called my name and I turned back, we exchange pleasantaries and gist about the school and about our upcoming activities in the campus. The very last words he uttered to me smiling are “Include us in your prayers please Najeeb” By then he was drawing “Tasbaha” on his hand. I smiled back and said “likewise my guy” we shaked hands, not knowing that is may be the last time I can meet him!

Since after the brutal massacre, Mujaheed’s whereabout is still unknown but he was at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky in Gyallesu during the carnage. He phoned last with his father telling him that “he don’t think they will be able to see each other again” as there were only few of them remaining in Gyallesu by then. Is he among those burnt in Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence? Is he among those given mass burial? Is he among those in detention and been tutored at military’s barrack? Only He, the exalted; knows the best!

Peace be upon you the day you was born, the day you are martyred and the day you will be raised alive my guy! We really miss you!!!

#Free Sheikh Zakzaky (H)
#May God Protect Zakzaky (H)

Najeeb Umar Maigatari
[email protected]
Sunday, march 6th, 2016

Addendum From Harun Elbinawi:

Martyr Mujaheed Isah Waziri was my one and only godson, his father is my best friend. He grew up as an obedient, loyal, dedicated and religious young man. Seeing him always gladden my heart.

The fact that he died as a Martyr protecting Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky with bare hands crowned the glorious life of this young man. I had so much plans for him but God who created all of us had better plans.

The Buharis, Buratais & Elrufais of this world brutally murdered burden flowers like this to serve an evil foreign imperialist agenda that will never benefit Nigeria and will only harm our great nation.

Rest in Heaven my beloved, you fulfilled the promise that you made to us and we are grateful to having a son like you.

God Bless You!