Behold, The New Face Of Evil, by Usama A. Dandare

Muhammad Daud

by Usama A. Dandare

Since after the historic failure of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to retain power in the just concluded March 28Presidential polls. The whereabouts of the monstrous Abubakar Shekau, the pitiless leader of the demonic Boko Haram sect remain a subject of questioning, nothing has been heard from him since the last video he released before the general election in which he promised fire and brimstone against the Nigerian State.

The complex, paradoxical man – part-theologian Shekau, was said to have been killed by security forces in 2009, only for him to resurrect in a videos tape posted on the internet. Similar, all subsequent claims of his death in 2011 and 2014 also turned out to be false. But based on security intelligence reports, the barbaric monster is now assumed to have died as Cameroonian forces found dead body of a man believed to be Shekau in the suburbs of Gwarzo town, killed while fleeing from a heavy aerial bombardment as the city – which Boko Haram declared the headquarter of their so-called ‘Islamic Republic’ – fell to Multi-national Forces backed by Nigerian, Chadian and Cameroonian military. Shekau has not featured in the last three recent videos released by the group, something that has never happened since his emergence in 2009, thus confirming speculations on his fate.

Both local and international intelligent reports and also findings by Chad’s President Idriss Deby have confirmed the carcass to be that of Shekau, and with the sudden announcement of the replacement of the late Shekau via a recent footage released by the satanic sect, Nigeria and indeed all its neighboring countries may now have a sigh of relief though it is not yet time to tango because another bloodthirsty and more brutal radical has emerged as Shekau’s replacement. Muhammad Daud is perhaps the new face of evil.

Muhammad Daud is a much younger but more radical homogeneous of Shekau. The ‘Butcher of Mubi’ – as he is nicknamed – being the commander who led Boko Haram offensive  against Mobile Police Garrison and Military base in the conquest of Mubi and personally beheaded sixteen female mobile police officers.Muhammad Daud is fingered as the most ruthless, cruel and one in a kind terrorist, his brutal and barbaric nature makes Shekau look like a kindergarten pupil. He’s indeed a rare devil in the comity of devils and should therefore be confronted without kids gloves.

A much more unknown and quiet Boko Haram general, Mahamat Daoud is said to be less charismatic but even more blood thirsty and brutal than Shekau. He is rated to be the inspiration behind Boko Haram’s success in establishing a Female Suicide Bombing Brigade and is also the mastermind behind latest Boko Haram video that showed an assault on a police outpost which culminated in the horrendous beheading of a Police Corporal on YouTube. Indeed a merciless progeny of Satan is now at the helm of Boko Haram affairs.

Muhammad Daud has fully taken control of the dreaded and bloodthirsty Boko Haram sect and to further establish his government, he has reached out to various regional Governments proclaiming his arrival, thus he is the man they have to deal with urgently. And his first overture was a call for ceasefire and the opening up of negotiations with the affected governments – though experts believes the existence of another factional group of Boko Haram in oppose ofMuhammad emergence. His call for dialogue is indeed a deceit being planned for his foot soldiers to gain some rest from the current offensive against them led by the new Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Burutai; so that government forces will retreat back and give the insurgents a breathing space to regroup amidst a crushing crackdown.

I am and will always continue to be a staunch opposition to negotiating a ceasefire deal with terrorists especially in a rather unfortunate situation like ours where we have monsters whom lacks neither magnitude nor direction, not to mention of religious knowledge. You don’t negotiate with terrorists, that is the convention all over the world and ours shouldn’t be an exception. These demons claimed to be fighting for an Islamic Caliphate and no amount of negotiation can convince them to change their believe, and as long as you aren’t ready to meet their demand, i think no truce can be agreed. Why should government dialogue with individuals who are only interested in killing and maiming innocent people?

A co-devil likeMuhammad cannot and should never be trusted, he is clever and more smarter than all his predecessors, so dining with him required a lot more consciousness as the clever devil will want to measure his cleverness against our collective psyche, and uphold his demonic practice of “sharing people’s blood in Borno” (apologies to Mama Peace) and Nigeria as a whole. Mahamat must never be trusted for any negotiations unless if proven to be fully prepared for peace; bringing back our Chibok girls plus other thousands innocent citizens held hostage and a total ceasefire will give us some sense of confidence that he’s out for peace, laying down and forfeiting all his group’s armaments to the government and willingness to go for mandatory rehabilitation should also form the basics of the so-called truce if at all any will hold, and anything short of these must not be compromised.

Fire-for-fire is what Boko Haram deserves,Muhammad Daud and his moronic touts has nothing to talk about apart from violence and they should be given that which they bargained for. The Nigerian military now has all its takes to crush the insurgents, what they only need is proper motivation for the task. And with the current progress being made so far in the ongoing offensive against Boko Haram, Mahamat and his co-idiots will soon meet the anger of President Muhammadu Buhari and the firepower of gallantry General Burutai. Alas, they will soon join Shekau and Mohammed Yusuf in the creeks of ‘Saqara’ (the hottest of all hell-fires).

Usama A. Dandare
[email protected]