BETRAYAL: Boko Haram Terrorist Killers Must Not Be Reintegrated, by Usama Dandare

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy

by Usama Dandare,

Frankly speaking, this is the least I will comprehend from Buhari and his government, not even in my daydreams. It’s the greatest mistake to be done at this critical time in our national struggles. We overwhelmingly gave our mandate on March 28th, 2015 to a government we hope will respond to our plights, one main reason for supporting PMB was the confidence we have that he’ll eradicate our daily killers and safeguard our lives and properties, but surprisingly, the same government wants to reunite us back with our killers. I can’t imagine shaking hands with rehabilitated Boko Haram members, while remembering the thousands if not millions of innocent fellows they brutally slaughtered in broad-daylight in the name of one so-called holy war. I am against this plan and I am optimistic no Nigerian will welcome such a mistake especially those in the troubled northeastern region who lost family members, friends, properties and those that were made refugees in their own land all by the inhuman activities of these bloodthirsty haramites.

This is a gross betrayal of our mandate and also a gross violation of our anti-terrorism laws which stipulates death penalty for Nigerians found guilty of treason, murder and terrorism. Whoever brought this idea is not helping PMB, himself and Nigeria as a whole, this is the greatest offside ever in the governmental lexicon of our nation. Forget about any so-called international treatise or convention and use your no6, we cannot accept or implement policies aimed at destroying our lives in trying to obey international laws. No amount of western pressure will make us accept this rubbish, why didn’t the United States rehabilitate and reintegrate Umar Faruk Mutatallib back to their society? How many terrorists were arrested in America, Europe and other western countries, and how many of them were rehabilitated and reintegrated back to their various societies?

What we failed to understand is that these idiots called surrendered BH members didn’t surrendered because they were against BH activities, no, they surrendered to beg for mercy in a tactical maneuver because the military have totally overpowered them. How many among them did surrendered when they were having a filled day unleashing terror on the common man in a free for all manner during GEJ’s regime of insensitivity? Why now? This is like giving them another chance to regroup and strike again. This is akin to a scenario where you went to arrest a thief and after a lengthy period of gun duel, the thief having ran out of firepower came out with his hands on his head and surrendered to you, will you pardon him just because he did what must be done wittingly or unwittingly?

Wait a minute, where’s the whereabouts of our chibok girls and thousands other abducted citizens? These demons kidnapped thousands of our people, raped them, abused them, sold them into slavery and murdered hundreds in captivity. Yet, our government thinks it’s a good idea to pardon them and bring them back to the society while our abducted maidens varnished into thin air, and you think we will accept them back? Never, it is not and cannot be possible at all.

If care is not taken, this move to rehabilitate and reintegrate BH demons will ignite the unexpected, just that we are being patient and enduring several untold hardship because we have faith in PMB and wanting to give him a benefit of doubt, doesn’t warrant working against our collective existence, we may be force to come out en mass and occupy the streets if PMB is to go ahead with his plans to pardon our great killers.

Let’s all rise up and reject this move by voicing out our frustrations until it reaches all the relevant authorities concerned, we say NO to BH rehabilitation and re-integration, NO! NO! NO! We must criticise whatever is wrong and praise all that’s right, i think this is why we are change agents. Anyway, I still have faith in PMB and very confident he’ll deliver and make Nigerians proud. #MayBuhariSucceed but not this time, not in reuniting us with the angels of death. Please join the hash-tag #BokoHaramMustDie and say NO.

Usama Dandare, a social commentator write from Sokoto. You can reach him via email [email protected] ‎or twitter via @osadaby.