“Bishop” Musa Fomsom Protests Against Iran, Begs For Amnesty For Boko Haram Terrorists


Bishop Fomam pushed for the amnesty for Boko Haram
Bishop Fomsom pushed for the amnesty for Boko Haram

A new suspect “Bishop” has been recently gaining much news air time with funny protests on usual sponsored agenda.

Bishop Musa Fomsom this week according to reports, hired some miscreants to protest at the Iranian embassy for unintelligible reasons and with what has been described as meaningless requests on behalf of certain haunted officials.

Bishop Musa Fomsom is the latest in a volley of brand new born “activists” who have been popping up in the media scene whenever the new administration feels challenged and embattled.

But what is peculiar about this new “Bishop” on the block is his role in pushing special agenda for government officials. Bishop Musa Fomsom had just last month been used to push for an amnesty for Boko Haram.

The “Bishop” known for his campaigning for Buhari’s victory created a so-called Northern Inter Faith and Religious Organisations of Nigeria (NIFROM) organisation to use to push these agendas. He has suddenly featured as a spearpoint in pushing military agenda.

“Bishop” Fomsom

Nigerians have denounced a recent amnesty for terrorists branded “reintegration” program which the government instituted following Forman’s publicity propaganda. Nigerians have said that any terrorist who has raped or killed must never under any conditions be reintegrated into normal society.

Saudi king's slouch
Saudi king with Buhari: Saudi has been accused of sponsoring wahhabi takfiri terrorism around the world

It is worrying to note that in pushing certain agenda, certain entities like this “Bishop” want murderous Boko Haram Salafist/Wahhabi takfiri terrorists walking Nigeria’s streets but wish to evict Iranian envoys who have no ontward history in Nigeria. The Bishop is suspected to be pushing a Saudi sponsored agenda which encourages Takfiri terrorist groups and is all out to fight Iran using any country as its battle ground.