Fuel Crisis, Power Failure: UNILAG Shut Down After Students Protest


As Nigeria’s Minister of petroleum junkets the globe and the deputy says he is not a magician and that he would rather hoard fuel today and create an artificial scarcity now so there can be “strategic reserves” for the dead tomorrow, Nigerians can’t take it anymore.

Also as the new minister of power is more interested in hiking tariffs in what was called “ultra-wickedness” so his cabal friends can make a killing off Nigerians, the deadly continued power failure was also protested and led to the closure.

Ibe Kachikwu
Ibe Kachikwu

SR– The management of the University of Lagos today ordered all students to vacate all halls of residence and declared all academic activities suspended indefinitely.

The management said its decision was informed by students’ agitation yesterday, which paralyzed the campus and disturbed the community.

The students protested yesterday complaining about poor electricity and water supply on campus.

In a memo circulated widely this morning, the university authorities dismissed the student’s agitation as a matter of “municipal service”, citing national fuel scarcity as a primary cause of hardship on campus.

The memo states that the school is now indefinitely closed to forestall damage to life and property from students’ violent protests.

The school authority has therefore ordered all students to vacate the campus before 10.00am today, adding that the school would resume when fuel situation improves in the country.