The Black And White Of Color, By Perry Brimah, Dr.

Color is what is reflected and not what’s absorbed.

Visible light contains the full spectrum of colors, yet is invisible.

You are not seen by the frequencies you take in, but by the ones you reject.

Absorbed color wavelengths energize your atoms.
Color is an energy in motion and not a physical, stationary property.

When there is no light, there is no color.

Blue is actually the only color that a blue bag does not absorb.
Blue is the color that a blue bag screens off.

Red is the only color that a red bag does not take in.
A red bag rejects red wavelengths of light.
The green chlorophyll pigment of the leaf takes other wavelengths of light but green.

If you are black, you absorb all colors.
If you are White, you reject all colors.
You are seen, not by what is inside you but by what you reflect.