Buhari Obstructed Military Action Against Boko Haram But Sends Army To Massacre Civilians At Will



Nigeria is full of hypocrites. Our activists, our main stream media, our traditional leaders and our government.

In June of 2013, theNation bore the headline, “Buhari faults clampdown on Boko Haram members.” Quoting the article,

“He (Buhari) accused the government of killing and destroying their houses while the Niger Delta militants were given special treatment by the government. Buhari who spoke on Sunday on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the Week monitored in Kaduna also admitted that the road to the registration of the All Progressive Congress (APC) was rough.” [http://thenationonlineng.net/buhari-faults-clampdown-on-boko-haram-members/]

Anyone who supports the Buhari military clampdown in the southeast and does not totally denounce Buhari for obstructing former president Goodluck Jonathan, is a hypocrite.

What Buhari did and his argument against military action on Boko Haram was direct obstruction of justice in aid of terror, most notably due to Buhari’s relevance as an elder statesman from the north.

Who is more deadly? Boko Haram or Ipob?

Buhari stood in the way of the Nigerian army, trying to fight Boko Haram, even later as president he celebrates the likes of Bamanga Tukur who notably said, “Boko Haram is fighting for justice; Boko Haram is another name for justice.” These are the people Buhari today celebrates.

But then, while Jonathan sought congressional approval for military action in the northeast; Buhari violates the constitution section 217 by deploying the military against largely unarmed civilians, without congressional approval.

Buhari has since assumption of office, approved the very same army he opposed acting against Boko Haram, to massacre minority Muslims in Zaria and Igbos in Onitsha among others. Typically attempting to cover up his tracks with secret mass burials as happened in Mando cemetery and Onitsha Military barracks cemetery as reported by PremiumTimes. [http://www.premiumtimesng.com/investigationspecial-reports/205176-special-report-onitsha-massacre-pro-biafra-supporters-coordinated-sss-operative.html]

Buhari is intimidating the nation with the military while he is finally and totally destroying the police by giving all their jobs to Buratai and rendering them into nothing more than boy scouts, as I said in an earlier article: https://newsrescue.com/are-the-police-boy-scouts-as-the-armed-forces-takes-over-policing-nigeria/

Propagandists continue to spread messages defending the unconstitutional army deployment and barbaric so-called “show of force.” They feel god-Buhari can do as he wills and that he is above the law. They feel that it is all about who you like in leadership position and not what is right. They think Buhari will live for ever and do not fear a day when they may be victims and it may be who the others like that will again hold the seat. Pius Adesanmi’s article, “Vacancy” [http://saharareporters.com/2017/09/12/vacancy-pius-adesanmi] did a good job of laying out our disgust with these hypocrites who have no role in conversation’s about Nigeria’s tomorrow.

In one such government agent written article captioned “Thank You, President Buhari” by a so-called “Akintunde Adeyemo”, the desperate disciples of Lord Buhari went as far back as 1791 to find an instance of military deployment within America. Funny how they quote America when rats invade the office or in justifying illegal military deployment but do not quote America when debating how even Trump obeys the orders of the courts.

What they did not tell you in that article was that, and I quote:

“The Militia Acts of 1792 were a pair of statutes enacted by the second United States Congress in 1792. The acts provided for the organization of the state militias and provided for the President of the United States to take command of the state militias in times of imminent invasion or insurrection. This authority was used to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.”

Yes. Only by an act of congress can the military be deployed within the nation. The law is there to protect the nation from becoming a military state. But our leaders and hypocrites and illiterates and sadly, many of us followers are the same.

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