@Elbinawi Tweets On The Rantings Of @elRufai On @VOAHausa


Desperate Gov @elrufai was at it again this morning on @voahausa attacking IMN & Shia Islam. @elrufai buried 347 Shias alive in mass grave

@elrufai told @voahausa that IMN is a threat to d sovereignty of Nigeria. Nigerians know @elrufai as a pathological liar & this is part of it

For the more than 40 years of its existence IMN have never threatened the cooperate existence of Nigeria as a nation. @elrufai @voahausa

IMN have never killed or harm any Nigerian in its 40 years of existence. IMN have always called for peace & unity. @elrufai @voahausa

IMN is always the victim of attacks by murderous BokoHaram terrorists & successive Nigerian governments. @elrufai @voahausa

The present @MBuhari government killed 1000+ IMN members last December & dumped their bodies in mass graves. This is evil @elrufai @voahausa

The @MBuhari government organized Wahhabi thugs to attack IMN members during the Ashura ceremonies & destroy properties. @elrufai @voahausa

@MBuhari govt opened fire on #ArbaeenTrekNigeria in Kano killing 100+ IMN members & dumped their bodies in mass graves. @elrufai @voahausa

Despite all these Savage & inhuman attacks by the Saudi dog @MBuhari & his murderous cabal @elrufai, IMN chose to remain peaceful. @voahausa

Nigerians should point to me any group in Nigeria that will tolerate d savagery of @MBuhari & @elrufai & remain peaceful like IMN? @voahausa

@MBuhari The @elrufai ranting on @voahausa today should be seen as the desperate action of a criminal who is about to be a visitor to #ICC.

@MBuhari Gov @elrufai was elected to govern Kaduna state. Why can’t he concentrate on that? Why is he a tool of the Saudi regime? @voahausa

President @MBuhari & @elrufai spend more time planning on how to kill innocent Nigerians than on governance. They are evil people. @voahausa

IMN under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky have been peaceful & despite the savagery of @MBuhari & @elrufai will remain peaceful. @voahausa

Nigeria is a great country with great people but with evil leaders @MBuhari, @elrufai etc who mass-murdered Nigerians to please Saudi king.