Fear Of Sectarian War As Radicals Attack Protesting “Shia” Leaving One Dead in Jos


There are increasing fears of sectarian tensions initiated by the Nigerian government clamp down on the Islamic movement’s freedoms, as radicals suspected to be Sunnite-sect Takfiris or Saudi-linked wahabis attacked an Islamic movement procession in Jos yesterday resulting in a fracas that left at least one dead.

The Nigerian government recently clamped down on the freedoms of the islamic movement minority Muslim group, killing as many as 1000 members, desecrating their grave sites, demolishing their buildings and kidnapping the leader, Sheikh Zakzaky. This has led to increasing tensions in the nation renowned for Takfiri deadly extremism.

Yesterday women protesting in Jos declared that they are willing to die for their religious freedoms being limited by the Kaduna government and Nigerian army.

There have been fears of sectarian full blown tensions as the Saudi Arabian government and Kaduna government is accused of sponsoring hate sermons and trying to trigger anti-Shiaism in the country.

The “Shia” are estimated to be about 5-10 million in a nation of about 70-80 million Muslims.