The Fear Of Prison Is The Beginning Of Change

Dear Nigerians,

The fear of Prison is the beginning of
Change. I have taken time to hear from many
people in PDP campaign groups. I have observed
that they are not campaigning based on issues
bothering the masses. They are simply asking ; “DO
You WANT TO GO TO PRISON? ” President
Jonathan asked the question, Governor Akpabio
asked the same question and so many of them were
so much campaigning against prison.

Now I am wondering why they are so much worried about
prison. Why the sudden fear of Prison? The answer
is: ” when dry bones are mentioned in a story, an old
woman becomes very uncomfortable ” If they are
not corrupt and are really fighting corruption. Why
are they so much preaching against prisons?

Now I understand why former governor of Bayelsa was
pardoned. I understand why “corruption is not
stealing” and I understand why the audit report on
missing $20 billion won’t be released. I understand
why we have more expensive GEJ bill boards than
road signs. Some billboards cost more than a million
and these people have mounted thousands of them.

Instead of cchannelingresources appropriately. They
resorted to wasting them on billboards and jingles on
radio and TV. Who has been funding these things and
with which money? Now they are asking us, the
suffering masses if we want to go to prison.
President Goodluck from his speech has shown that
he is not ready to stop corruption.

You can’t stop corruption without sending ppl to jail. Idon’t fear
prisons and if I commit a crime I should be given the
punishment I deserve.

Why are there laws if we can’t use prisons?

They have suddenly become so afraid of Prison cell.

They should also remember God Almighty also has a prison: HELL. If you want to
help PDP please vote them out. Let them go to
prison cells so that they will repent and avoid HELL.
Vote APC, vote #Buhari

by Abubakar Ali Abdallah