Following Buhari’s Failure To Act, Fulani & Hausa Flee Enugu

President Buhari


There is an exodus of northerners in Enugu following the failure of the Nigerian government to protect the larger northern community in the South by swiftly condemning and clamping down on the nomadic deadly terrorists endangering the larger peaceful community. The result is an exodus of Fulani and Hausa residents in Enugu now placed at risk due to the anger against the freely rampaging terrorists.

Emeka Mamah reports in Vanguard:

THE Fulani herdsmen and some of their petty-traders have deserted towns and villages in Enugu State, following the attack on Nimbo Community in Uzo Uwani Local Government Monday morning.

This was even as facts emerged that security men drafted to Nimbo to prevent the attack abandoned their duty posts, paving the way for the herdsmen to kill over 40 persons in the community.

Some Fulani and Hausa who sold carrots, suya meat, sugar canes, onions, electronics as well as those engaged in nail cutting among other menial jobs have deserted the towns and villages and joined some herdsmen in the bushes around Amalla in Udenu Local Government and Umuogbo Agu and Ette border in Igboeze North Local Government areas of the state.

The herdsmen had evacuated their cattle from Adani in Uzo Uwani and other parts of the state before the Monday’s attack, which led to the untimely death of over 40 people including a school teacher from Enugu Ezike, Igbo Eze North Local Government, residing in the area.

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