France protests said to be ‘out of control’

Lazy eyes listen


On Thursday, French authorities struggled to quell protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. Over a million people took to the streets across the country in what some security sources called a “insurgency” against the government in Paris.

Thousands of workers went on strike, and protesters shut down public transportation, schools, and oil refineries. Police used tear gas, water cannons, flash bangs, and batons to break up the protests. Videos circulated on social media showing heavily armored officers clubbing unarmed protesters.

Other videos showed burning barricades in the streets of Paris. At one point, the entrance to the city hall in Bordeaux, the regional capital of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, was set ablaze.

At least one fire department switched sides and joined the protesters. The situation was described as “out of control” by several eyewitnesses.

“It’s war in Paris, no time to post, take care of yourself,” one independent news outlet tweeted.