Fulani Herder-Terrorists Kill Fresh 44 in Taraba

President Buhari

The actions of Fulani herdsmen have been described as more devastating than Boko Haram following the continued killings of Nigerians in cities and villages.

Fulani herdsmen attacked four villages in Taraba state, killing scores of people.

Following the attacks on Angai and Ndole villages in Gashak local council area a large number of the local population has reportedly fled to the neighbouring Cameroon and other villages in Nigeria.

While the exact number of victims is yet to be confirmed by the government, sources said that about 44 people have been feared killed with several numbers of houses and domestic animals burnt.

Joseph Kwaji, the police officer, confirmed the development, saying that there was an attack by the herdsmen, but could not determine the numbers of killed people.

He said: “It is true that there was an attack by the herdsmen, but for now, I don’t have the full details of the crisis, so I cannot tell you the number of casualties now.”

Sources close to villages who escaped the onslaught said that the herdsmen ignited the crisis “when one of them was prevented from raping a woman.”

In related development, Mariam Marsha, President Muhammadu Buhari’s assistant on displaced people, has defined the Agatu communal clashes as unfortunate and not in the character of Nigerians.


Mariam Marsha, presidential aide

“It’s unfortunate because this is very unlike Nigerian, violence of this nature is terror and it is not something that is a part of us,” she said.

“And it’s something that we need to work together both within the community at the government level, state and federal levels, but also within the communities.

 “The community leaders, religious leaders are also people that can be very influential in changing the narrative.

She further added: “When issues like this occur it’s important that there is justice, law and order must prevail and there is justice.

“And when that is seen to have been done, than people have the feeling of being looked after, people have the feeling of being considered.

“It’s not something that one would wish for anyone but it’s as I said again, is very unlike Nigerians and we need to do our best to push back against this kind of incident in the future.”

President Buhari has been facing criticism over his silence on the alleged killing of 300 Agatu people of Benue State by Fulani herdsmen.

Villages including Okokolo, Akwu, Ocholonya, Adagbo, Ugboku and Aila were reportedly razed as decomposing bodies of those killed were seen littering the communities.