#LagosDecides: Nigeria’s President Meets With Terrorist Leader Ahead of Elections


Gani Adams
Gani Adams

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has admitted that the head of the Yoruba terrorist organization, the Odua militant congress, the notorious Mr Gani Adams met with Goodluck Jonathan in Lagos Thursday this week ahead of the Saturday elections being held right now.

While defending the president meeting Lagos state governorship candidate, Jimmy Agbaje and Gani Adams who recently led armed terrorists along the streets of  Lagos, Nigeria, Reuben Abati said,

Anytime the president is in Lagos or any part of the country, a lot of people come to pay homage to him. Nothing unusual happened during his last visit to Lagos.

“Senator Musiliu Obanikoro’s visit to the president in Lagos is not something that anybody should use to play politics. Koro is a minister of the Federal Republic. He came to see his boss.”

Apart from Mr. Obanikoro, he said Messrs Jimmy Agbaje and Gani Adams, among others, visited the president while in Lagos.


The presidency wondered why Mr. Jonathan’s visit to Lagos which is a part of Nigeria, and the visit of PDP members to the leader of their party, should become an issue.

The APC has accused the PDP of plans to rig polls with terrorists and thugs expected to assist in ballot snatching and replacement with result sheets and thumb printed ballot papers, as well as destruction of polls in areas that favor the APC.

pdp agbaje

NewsRescue reported of ballot sheets and results airlifted from Abuja to Lagos in a DHQ plate numbered Kia SUV yesterday.

Terrorists like Gani Adams are expected to deploy their men across the state to aid Jimmy Agbaje and the PDP rig the elections.