Local Warrior Leader, “Rabih Azzubair” Vows To Defeat Boko Haram, Liberate Northeast Nigeria


From a media release by the ENDS organisation headed by Dr. Peregrino Brimah, it is stated that a local warrior leader has vowed and is recruiting forces of volunteers to defeat Boko Haram terrorists and liberate the captured northeast of Nigeria.

From the article:

The Rabih Azzubair Ibn Fadlallah People’s Resistance Front

We have received reports and a direct message of/from a northern citizen army led by a civilian warrior leader who goes by the legendary name, “Rabih Azzubair,” that is promising that his People’s Resistance Front is arraigning itself in the Adamawa plateaus and preparing to combat the terrorists head-to-head and declares that any messenger of the Jonathan government, civilian or military that stands in the way of his mission to liberate the people of the northeast will also become his army’s sworn enemy. We hope and pray this is true and call on all living youth in the northeast and across Nigeria to support and join up with this resistance patriot’s army immediately.

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We have been able to confirm reports of groups of northern resident youth gathering together and meeting to strategize resistance armies.