NewsRescue Member Loses Brother In Baga Boko Haram Attack

Baga burned down by Nigerian military action

boko sibling2NewsRescue

When our paper exclusively broke the story of an attack on the Nigerian military base in Baga that had dispelled the multi-national forces stationed at the border fishing town; we had no idea how close to us this event was.

On Saturday January 3rd, after receiving intel from our sources, NewsRescue published the first global article alerting the country and world on the situation in Baga. See: Breaking News: Baga Town under attack by Boko Haram – Multi National Force dismantled

Immediately we got a direct message from a concerned fan, reader and member of the NewsRescue community, asking us for the more details if we had it yet.

The highlights of our conversation are imaged below:

nr convo1-new

nr convo2-new

nr convo3


This shows the reality of the situation in Nigeria where thousands have died in repeated Boko Haram successful attacks on  towns in the northeast.

It demonstrates how close to home the desperate plight of citizens in the north is.

Here is our very reader, one of our 200,000 fans, who we witnessed being directly affected.

We all need to pray for God to deliver Nigeria from this situation that has gone on without respite for the past six years.

We solicit your prayers for the family of Muhammed Alhassan and other victims in Baga and the northeast.

What a way to start the new year.