Nigeria: APC Demands Jail For Those Responsible For The Sealing of New PDP Secretariat

Barricaded New PDP Secretariat

Sept. 9, 2013


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has called for all the people behind the sealing-up of the secretariat of the ‘new PDP’ in Abuja to be immediately identified and jailed for crass lawlessness and palpable impunity.

”The festering crisis in the PDP is not our business, but when the crisis leads to repression, disregard for court orders and constitutional provisions, we cannot keep quiet because those issues have grave implications for our democracy,” the party said in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

It described the sealing up of the new PDP secretariat as a throwback to the nation’s darkest era, saying it also confirms the fears being expressed by the opposition that the Jonathan Administration, which is now being hoisted by its own petard, will become increasingly intolerant and repressive with the approach of the 2015 general elections.

”There is no doubt that the rump of the ruling PDP which has the ears of President Jonathan is behind the sealing up of the new PDP secretariat, in a dangerous defiance of a court order that the parties must maintain the status quo,” the statement said.

The party added that the egregious nature of the action becomes even clearer when viewed against the lies being peddled by the old PDP, that the sealing of the secretariat, which it instigated, has the imprimatur of the courts.

”For a party that has just broken up due in part to lack of internal democracy, disregard for the rule of law and the elevation
of impunity to an art, this is an indication that the leaders of the ruling party have not learnt their lessons, and that they will
not hesitate to bring the house down on all of us just to hold on to power. This portends danger for our democracy,” APC said.

The party wondered whether the grown brats at the helm of the old PDP know that freedom of association and dissent are part of democracy, just as intolerance, repression and impunity are the very anti-thesis of the best form of government known to man.

It said only God knows what those who orchestrated the sealing of the secretariat of the new PDP will do to stifle the opposition if they could go to this shameful length to get at their dissenting members, even as ‘peace’ talks supposedly continue between them.

”The new turn of events is worrisome, coming after the mindless impunity in Rivers State. There is a worsening climate of intolerance all over the land, no thanks to the dysfunctional nature of the PDP. The security details of the President’s supposed enemies are being withdrawn, and the institutions of state are being unleashed once again on perceived enemies of the Administration.

”This is why those who are behind the secretariat sealing in Abuja must be punished without delay, to serve as a deterrent. After all, no one is above the law,” APC said.