Nigeria: Over A Dozen Dead As Police, Army Clamp Down On Biafra Anniversary Commemoration


At least 12 Nigerians have bene confirmed dead after the Nigerian police and army clamped down on pro-Biafrans marking the 30th May 49th anniversary of Ojukwu’s declaration of a sovereign Biafra state.

At least 8 were confirmed killed at a Catholic Church when the army and police invaded the grounds and broke the door and sprayed tear gas and released a volley of shots.

Most were said to have died form the stampede that naturally ensued. Many were stamped to death and many injuries were reported. The army was said to have carted away some of the dead bodies while some died at Federal Medical Centre, Asaba.

Dozens were reported arrested at the Church venue.

In other protests in Asaba and other areas, there were more lives lost reported. In Asaba however pro-Biafrans were said to have accosted the security officers and one policeman was reported stabbed to death by the protesters who charged at the police.

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