Nigeria Terror Mastermind is US Informant with Links to Hezbollah — Media, Wikileaks Investigation

Obasanjo with die-to-rule spymaster Gusau img: aliyumohammedgusau

July 4, 2013

NewsRescue- As Nigeria’s brave citizens, both the military and civilian JTF (Joint Task Force), engage in armed battles against the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency epicentered in its north eastern extreme; civilians have increased focus on determining and bringing to justice, the sponsors and masterminds behind the Boko Haram terrorist group, that has claimed the lives of over 6000 innocent Nigerians over the last 4 years.

Jonathan’s government has said they know who they are, but have refused to spill them out, and now Nigerian masses who are the victims of the senseless terror as well as a lame civilian government, have apparently decided to purse the soldiers as well as the sponsors themselves and with the help of the army.

Atuman-WANTEDSeveral sponsors have been fingered and hunted by the Civilian JTF. The most senior person, however so far strongly suspected by multiple media and intel. sources, of being the mastermind of the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency is General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau. There is limitless evidence implicating this individual as being at the heart of this fanatical terrorism in Nigeria. Gusau, also known as the “die-to-rule,” spymaster, has been pointed at as the sponsor in multiple media releases since 2011. Most recently, he was invariably referred to as a “PDP presidential candidate,”die-to-rule” sponsor, by killed Andrew Owoye Azazi. Spymaster Gusau has the finance, and being a three times Nigerian NSA, the connections to arm and sustain a terrorist group like Boko Haram.

Public commentator, Steven Davies, reacted on how the spymaster denied such group existed, despite their public announcements, when president Obasanjo quizzed him on them, then branded, “Nigerian Taliban.” By doing so, the NSA concealed Boko Haram and allowed them to evolve.

US Spy/Informant

Gusau ; image: aliyumohammedgusau
Spymaster Gusau

In addition to his being a terror mastermind in Nigeria. Gusau has lived the life of a double-agent and full US informant for decades, according to Wikileakes US cables. Aliyu Gusau literally runs to US officials and the US embassy with any and all confidential information about Nigerian government and politics, willingly ratting out this information to US officials who by their statements, hardly regard ore respect him, and are weary of him being a desperado-to-rule Nigeria.

This cable excerpt, gives an idea of how Gusau carries himself to the embassy and divulges information. This was from  2006:

¶2. (S) At his own request, Aliyu Mohammed called on the Ambassador the evening of December 11. He was accompanied by bodyguards and escorted by a chase car with MOPOL police, unusual for a person who as National Security Advisor routinely drove himself alone. The purpose of the visit was to argue to the Ambassador the unsuitability of Yar’Adua as President of Nigeria, and to present the Katsina governor’s candidacy as part of President Obasanjo’s efforts to retain power.

More such information transfers can be seen in this article: Nigeria’s Terror: Between Die-to-rule spymaster Gusau and Beggar-thy-countrymen Dangote

Gusau by all means is a very dangerous man to the safety and sovereignty of Nigeria. It is unusual that such an informant and terror mastermind is left by the administration, to walk free. Predictions by his seers, that he will rule Nigeria have made this man a living terror. Likely soon, harsh reality and justice will hit him.

A terror mastermind with links to Washington

NewsRescue investigations are unable to determine a direct role of Washington in Gusau’s masterminding Boko Haram terror in Nigeria. The United States has been reluctant to label Boko Haram a terrorist organisation, despite their direct involvement in the bombing of the United Nations office in Nigeria. People have always wondered why such a dangerous group, with clear announcements of global terror reaches, and links to al Qaeda, is not labeled by the US.

NewsRescue analysts say, it simply boils down to “leverage.” It is not uncommon for the US to take advantage of situations of intra-state rebellions, as an opportunity for leverage with non-submissive governments. Knowing their informant, Aliyu Gusau is the head of the rebellious organisation, may also have a role to play in their seeing the insurgency as a safe and controllable opportunity for leverage against the Nigerian government. Ultimately, the responsibility and burden is on the shoulders of the Nigerian leadership, who do know the terror masterminds, to arrest and bury them.

Only after the Nigerian government waged a full scale war against the until then, quite successful terrorist rebellion, the United States finally listed the leader of the group, wanted, with a $7 million bounty placed on his head. The group as a whole, however still remains free to conduct business and save money abroad.

 Links to Hezbollah

A recent intelligence operation in Kano, revealed a cache of dangerous ammunition that had been smuggled into Nigeria and buried in bunkers of alleged Lebanese, Hezbollah operatives in Nigeria. It was initially wondered how such weapons could be successfully smuggled into the country and staved away, but however media reports indicated, not surprisingly, that the same person of die-to-rule spymaster Gusau, who was in charge as the NSA most likely when the ammunition was imported, is linked to the “Hezbollah cells,” and the ammunition stores.

Suspected Lebanese ammunition in Kano, linked to Gusau
Lebanese ammunition in Kano, linked to Gusau; img: pmnews
Lebanese suspects


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