Nigerian Government Promoting Sectarian Agenda After the Zaria Massacre

El-Rufai during condolence visit to El-Zakzaky in July of 2014


Nigeria is a secular state by definition of its constitution and successive Nigerian governments have maintained balance among the various religious beliefs in the country. The Nigerian constitution guaranteed the freedom of worship to all Nigerians and the Nigerian government should be the guardian and enforcer of the Nigerian constitution.

Unfortunately, after the brutal Zaria massacre by the Nigerian Army in which 1000+ defenseless Nigerians were brutally slaughtered, a pattern is forming that points to the fact that the Nigerian government is promoting a bloody sectarian agenda that will eventually leads to ShiaGenocide in Nigeria.

The first person that set the ball rolling was the Emir of Kano Sanusi who projected the notion that Northern Nigeria is only for Sunni Islam. This sectarian arrogance of Emir Sanusi also called on Muslim and community leaders in Northern Nigeria to check the spread of Shia Islam that he claimed is synonymous with “insulting companions”. This man failed to understand the fact that before Islam came to Northern Nigeria there were African traditional religions. And even after Islam came to Northern Nigeria, Christianity latter came.

The second step is the heightening of anti-Shia propaganda using government-owned media organizations. In the past the Wahhabi mosques and schools funded by the Saudi regime are notorious in promoting anti-nonWahhabi Sunni, anti-Shia and anti-Christianity propaganda in Nigeria with very poor results. What is alarming and frightening now is that these hate-mongerers are given the platforms of the State to promote their agenda of of hate and ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. It is important that we understand that the beginning of all terrorism is hate and it’s end is death and destruction.

The third step is that the Nigerian Army which is an institution of the Nigerian state in order to justify its bloody war crimes in the Zaria massacre assembled mostly Wahhabi clerics who harbor genocidal agenda against Shia Muslims in Kaduna. The question to ask is why will the Nigerian Army that is suppose to unite all Nigerians regardless of religion and tribe promote a poisonous agenda of sectarianism that will only harm peaceful coexistence in Nigeria?

Then came the issue of the Judicial Commission of inquiry on the Zaria massacre set up by the Kaduna state Governor. The Kaduna state Governor acting the script of the Federal government selected die-hard Wahhabis and retired military officers as members of that commission. Take example of Prof Umar Labdo, this man wrote a manual for ShiaGenocide in Nigeria and that manual was used in the bloody killings and clampdown of shia Muslims in Sokoto state in 2007. But here is the midget-brain Kaduna state Governor deceiving the world that members of the commission are “credible, impartial and independent”. From the composition of the members of that commission, the agenda that is been promoted is clearly defined.

It is important to note that Sunni Islam have nothing to do with this poisonous agenda of sectarianism that is sponsored by the Saudi regime. Intolerance, hate-mongerering and terrorism are the major ingredients of Wahhabism that has today infiltrated and contaminated Sunni Islam. And to give an example of the intolerance of the Wahhabi cult, I will make reference to the call by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti, who called for all churches in the Arabian Peninsula to be destroyed. Today we see the murderous terrorist groups of ISIS and AlQaeda executing this evil agenda of destroying Churches. When Prophet Muhammad (sa) established an Islamic State in Madina there were Christians and Churches in Madina. He never destroyed Churches in Madina, he protected them. Destruction of Churches is not an Islamic agenda, it is the agenda of Wahhabism.

Sadly, while countries such as Pakistan and Egypt are closing down these hate-mongering Wahhabi mosque and schools, the Nigerian government is actively promoting the poisonous agenda of sectarianism. After the Paris attacks, some European countries such as France and Germany have closed down some of these hate-mongering Wahhabi mosques and schools.

My message to the promoters of this poisonous sectarian agenda in Nigeria is that mass-killings, massacres, promoting hate and demonizing Shia Islam will never attract the neutral mind to your school of thought. In fact you are only making your school of thought unattractive to the minds that seek for Truth. Rational reasoning, good character and conduct are among the needed ingredient for the propagation of Truth.

It was not a coincidence that after the brutal Zaria massacre the Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia are celebrating the Nigerian President Buhari, the Army Chief Buratai and Kaduna state Governor Elrufai for a job well-done. They called them true “Jihadist” for killing Shia Muslims in Nigeria and destroying the Zaria Husseiniyya. For the information of this civilian-militatry Zio-Wahhabi cabal, there are dozens of Shia Husseiniyya in Saudi Arabia. Why did the Saudi regime not destroyed them?

On a final note, we send notice to all well-meaning Nigerians, to all human rights organizations and to the international community that the present Nigerian government should be held responsible for any attacks on Shia Muslims in Nigeria as it is the Nigerian government that has set that agenda.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]