Nigerians Scared Buratai Is “Power Drunk” May Orchestrate Coup

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy


A recent statement by the Nigerian army and their authoritarian deadly actions last December have gotten Nigerians scared of a pending coup attempt.

In a letter written by Adeolu Ademoyo of Cornell University published by PremiumTimes, General Buratai was asked why he felt he was equal to the President of Nigeria in lieu of the statement from his office:

‘“…An attempt on COAS is akin to an attempt on a sitting President. So, in the cause of doing our work we make no apology to any group…”Major General Adeniyi Oyebade, General Officer Commanding, One Mechanised Division, Kaduna.’

Chidozie Godpower Osuala commented, “The president and politicians should be careful. This man is power drunk and can plot a coup.”

Another Nigerian commented that “the responsibilities and stress of the war and the push may have been too much for him and pushed him over the edge.

Buratai doing push-ups with the troops
Buratai doing push-ups with the troops

Akor Benjamin said “Nigerians in great danger with buratai actions and threats..

General Buratai had claimed an attempt on his life in Zaria from stick and stone wielding youth and went ahead to kill as many as 1000 Nigerians in three separate locations to “punish” them for the blockade of his road. The action was condemned as “unjustified” and excessive use of power, by the Human Rights Watch.

Lt. General Buratai who was commanded to remain in Maiduguri to oversee the Boko Haram war is believed to have been impressed by his responsibilities as new Chief of Army Staff in the time of internal terror war and begun to feel like the President of Nigeria.

Nigeria last experienced a Military coup in 1993 when an authoritarian General Sani Abacha grabbed power from a transitional government.