Olu Falae’s Abduction, Its Behind The scene Politics and The Blood Sucking Tse-Tse Flies

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

Just recently, the Fulani herdsmen were once again accused of Abduction, but this time around they were accused and taunted for abducting one of Nigeria’s statesman and one time a presidential candidate.

Many names were successfully theorized, replacing the Fulani man’s enduring legacy of family heritage of maintaining above all ‘family name’ from which many have died protecting, to a Fulani man, a name is worth dying for.

The former Secretary to the
Government of the Federation and Minister of Finance, was abducted on his farm at Ilado village, Akure, Ondo state on Sept. 21 by armed men believed to be Fulani herdsmen, though, before any investigation could be carried out in order to unearthed the truth behind this criminal act of kidnapping, rather than the abduction it has all through being referred to, by the many hate campaigners led by the prominent ethnic champion and father of promoting ethnic and religious division in person of Femi Fani Kayode.

Falae was kidnapped by some petty criminals looking for money to rent hotel and smoke their smoke and do their drugs; ofcourse the hate campaigner as a former drug addict, as exposed by his former soulmate, who had to pass the process of rehabilitation and therapy to escape the drugs manipulations of the mind, the hate promoter knows what i mean if i say drug addicts usually talked and write out of points, points that could have ended in promoting unity and mutual co-existence as an indivisible country.

While it has already been established that the abduction saga was hatched by some miscreants in need of money, who have since been arrested by the security operatives who swoop on the suspects on Oct. 5 at J. Zebra hotel in Lokoja.

I can not imaging any Fulani man who will carry the ransom received to a hotel, to do what in a hotel? A Fulani man would rather buy more cows and add to his herds, success to a Fulani man is to increase the number of his cows than staying in a hotel. But you have people in Nigeria who possessed the licence to wrongly accused,velified, tunted, insults and harassed innocent Fulani man who in truth of it roam every grazing potentials to feed his herds.

These individuals with a licence of insults, whose cause was championed by people like Femi Fani Kayode have nothing to offer Nigerians but division, disunity, hatred. They hate to see Nigeria in peace, we were once graded as the most happiest people on earth, but this bunch of hate campaigners will not sleep until Nigeria is on fire.

Immediately chief Falae was kidnapped, Femi began by placing the blame on Fulani marabons whom he called many names in order to instigate the yoruba against the peaceful Fulani people who are known to always mind their business, this is why they lived inside bushes to stay away from people torment of their nature.

Femi have said in one of his article he titled ‘the herdsmen
from hell’  that “it is time for us to seriously consider the
expulsion of all Fulani herdsmen from the southern part of our country”. This statement only exposed Fani Kayode as an ethnic cleansing advocate, who will disregard the provisions in our constitution which gives the Fulani man an undeniable right to move freely and live in any part of the country. They said Femi is a trained lawyer but i said Femi most be a quack lawyer if he does not know this provisions that guaranty the Fulani the right of free movement.

Femi further exergrate and exposed the hatred he accomodate against these peaceful people by saying that ” These herdsmen have become the pests of our nation. They are like the East African tse-tse fly: wherever they go they suck the life blood out of their hosts and, like the locust, they destroy
everything in their path. They are like leeches: they indulge in a parasitic mode of nutrition and they suck the blood of the carcass until their victim is left for dead. Like the Arab Janjaweed, they are only
known for the most hideous of things ” what an insult, Femi need to strongly apologies to the Fulani people or else their numerous cultural associations needs to sue him to court for defamation of character.

Just imaging, how can you refer to a whole ethnic group as tse-tse flies? What purpose are your intentions ment to achieve ?

Now, the criminals who kidnapped Olu Falae were arrested in Niger, in a hotel, in a hotel ? No, a Fulani man can not go to hotel and lodged because they ain’t use to it.

Generally, what we have come to understand is that, this was used as political tool, perhaps by the likes of Femi who must do some dirty job of a blood sucking tse-tse fly before their political relevance is tallied and patronized.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
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