Over 70 Killed In Sophisticated Suicide-Diversion Attacks On Maiduguri

Boko Haram leader at Eid in Sambisa this September


Over 70 residents of Maiduguri have been killed mostly by suicide bombers in a series of complex attacks-on-diversions.

According to civilian-JTF sources, the Ali Dawari attack was just a diversion to get the military carried away while suicide bombers were smuggled into Maiduguri.

A rocket propelled grenade had killed 7-8 in Polo area.

A female bomber wiped out a family of 15 and four other people when she ran into their home claiming to be on the run from Boko Haram and detonated her bomb Sunday evening.

Another female bomber killed two.

Several corpses about 9 were found along the roads, which ha been struck by stray bullets form the encounter between the army and the terrorists. According to the source the Nigerian army killed 4 suspected terrorists at Ali Dawari.

A bomb was deposited at a Mosque which killed about 20 who had gathered around for a morning conversation Monday morning, according to the narrative. Near Sulemati ward a total of 40 were killed at the Mosque.

The terrorists also burned down a beer parlor in Jidari Polo area Sunday, killing two including Khalifa Dikwa’s friend Istifanus.