Patience Jonathan Says Opposition “APC” Will Change To Ebola And Die Forever

Patience Jonathan investigated by ICC


While campaigning in Rivers state on Thursday the 19th of March, Nigeria’s First lady known for her extreme and sometimes uncouth remarks said of the opposition APC party that it was a party that changed names and a “spare drug.”

She further stated that the APC will after 2015 change to “Ebola” and then “die forever.”

What she meant by these remarks can better be imagined.

The ICC recently announced the launching of a probe of the First lady for her role in recent pre-election violence and instigation.

She was reported by the opposition party for telling the crowds to “stone the opposition.” Deaths and injuries were recorded as terrorists attacked the opposition while at a rally in her home town. In that event bombs were exploded and the opposition rally was shot at with journalists and police officers being stabbed and killed.

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