VIDEO: President Goodluck Jonathan Instigated the Violence And Death At The APC Rally

Jonathan booed in Bayelsa


Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan while campaigning in the Niger Delta on the 6th of February this year made some disturbing remarks that have now directly led to the death and injuries of dozens at the opposition APC political rally held in Okrika, Rivers state this Tuesday.

While talking to a crowd in his home state of Bayelsa, a frustrated president who was angry at being booed by youth of his state surprisingly said, “don’t allow anybody to visit you.” The president repeated this directive and prescription of violence more than once to the displeased crowd; emphasizing that he should be listened to as their “father, brother and uncle.”

The statements as we, ENDS in our earlier release, quickly condemned and alerted, were a direct recommendation for violence at opposition political campaigns.

On Tuesday the 17th, the first results of Goodluck Jonathan’s instigation were reaped: at least one police officer was killed along with dozens of civilians and other officers who sustained varying degrees of injuries.

Importantly, several known terrorists and social misfits associated with the President; who have made categorical statements promising violence to disallow opposition campaigns and any ruling party unfavorable democratic results, have been openly tolerated and encouraged by the Jonathan government. This being further impetus and executive promotion of the violent deaths Nigeria now witnesses.

The careless and deadly instigation and actions of Nigeria’s president cannot be glossed over. Our civilians should not be struggling for their lives today and our valiant police officer’s family should never have needed to mourn at this hour.

Nigeria’s president by uttering such dangerous, provocative statements, most especially from his position of authority, is indicted in the violence that followed and the injuries and sad death that the nation witnessed.

The President needs to be called to immediately retract and unambiguously disavow his asinine pronouncements and abdicate his office for instigating violence and murder and failing to uphold the constitution as obligated by his oath.

This video captures the government’s role in the violence and deaths at the APC rally:

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian