In Reply To President Jonathan’s Claim That Boko Haram Are Our Siblings In Nigeria

by 9jaClictivist

My dear president i want you to go to the holy books where it is written “spare a rod and spoil a child” or haven’t you ever heard that ‘if a child would stop is parent from sleeping then the child itself will not sleep’ if not, you now know.

In spite of atrocities committed by the Boko Haram sect i was shocked to hear you say that ‘Boko Haram are our siblings’ was this a joke or what?

Yourself as a father of the whole nation and as the head of this family called Nigeria, i am asking you why you wouldn’t disown your so called siblings that have:

* killed over 12,000 of your other siblings
*Abducted over 500 people plus the 234 school girl
*started to create caliphate and plan to overthrow you and make you face ICJ for genocide.

Well if you don’t disown them then you have trained, aided and abetted the deadly group who you call your sibling and don’t forget the Arab nation don’t call ISIS or al-QAEDA siblings but terrorists. Soldiers can no longer protect themselves let’s to say we civilian because they have been incapacitated and robbed of sophisticated weapon by our leaders who squander money meant for this purpose, Boko Haram had killed and destroyed thousands of lives yet, nothing is achieved in stopping terrorism according to Hammurabi, the king of righteousness, he said
“An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”

Long before Bible nor Quran was written. which means we should destroy our common destroyer. Destroy Boko Haram now before the destroy us.