Reuben Abati Defends Terrorism Against The Nigerian State

Reuben Abati: Evil genius


Presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati made recent public statements in defense of terrorism against the Nigerian citizenry.

In his statements defending the actions of the President, travelling to Chad with accused Boko Haram terror sponsor, ex-Governor Ali Modu Sheriff, Reuben Abati defended the move.

Reuben claimed the President only met the terror sponsor at the airport and did not join with him in meeting the President of Chad, however in so-doing, Reuben conspired to act against the Nigerian State by attempting to dangerously mislead the people. Another picture has since emerged that showed the President of Nigeria sitting with the President of Chad, Idriss Deby with the Boko Haram sponsor Governor sitting with them. This act of the Presidency puts Nigeria in terror jeopardy.

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Secondly, by Reuben Abati defending the right of Ali Modu Sheriff to travel out of Nigeria while he is still under investigation for the serious crime of sponsoring Boko Haram terrorism, Reuben Abati defends serious acts of treacherous sabotage and terror by the Nigerian Government and security department against the State of Nigeria.

Nigeria’s President in public and abroad with a named sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist group, under investigation is terrorism against the Nigerian State. Nigerians and their partners world-over are shocked that its government has not seized Ali Modu Sheriff’s travel documents and placed him under arrest pending the conclusion of the investigations. By allowing him to travel out of the country at a time like this, the government of Nigeria is intentionally terrorizing its citizenry.

It can be re-called that when the same administration had personal grouses with former CBN boss, HRH Emir Lamido Sanusi, his passport was seized and he was blocked from travelling out of Nigeria.