Revolution For Change; A Tribute To Online Media

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta,

They gave us voice when we had no voice, they sacrificed all they have, when we have none to sacrifice, they are truly revolutionalist for change, they are agents for change.

Online media platforms can not be denied their right place in this Nigerian revolution for change, they played great role in subduing the bad conscience of the enemies, they opened our hearts to understand the tricks of the the political barbarians, they educate us to learn to say NO to anti-people, capitalist, elitist policies, they opened our eyes to stand for the truth, they taught us about what we don’t know, they unite us in our decisions, they shown us the right way to follow, they gave us hope when we were hopeless, they are online medias.

This revolution for change can not be complete if online media houses are not fully given their rightful place in this book where the history for this 2015 revolution for change is written. They played great role for the recorded triumph over evil.

These online media have equally written their names in gold,very few of them were ready for any consequences of their legitimate actions, they were on many occasions threaten, the military in one of their statement threaten and mentioned one of these heroes, they said “one of them is NewsRescue”, this is before they threatened Abusidiqu, they further hang secret reporters publisher (Fejiro Oliver) but all to no avail.

We know how competent SaharaReporters are, but they called them names, they said they are bunch of hypocrites, and to our knowledge is because they exposed the truth,the truth is always bitter,but the online media chew it all the time on our behalf.

While we acknowledged the sacrifice of our online media heroes,we also recorded those that worked for the enemies, they are the anti people media collaborators, they were used to divide us,they manufactured and disseminate lies that can suit their pay masters,they are products of the political barbarians,they used them to divide us, they are suppose to be ashamed of themselves, this is because they are the Devils advocates.

Many other individuals have equally sacrificed their comfort for our collective gain, they keep awake while we sleep,their cause is for our freedom, their cries are for justice to always prevail, they fought for our emancipation,some of them were also threaten, their voice were marked because they gave us the hope out of hopelessness.

My good friend Dr. Peregrino Brimah must never be forgotten in this revolution for change, because without his like, change would have been a mirage.

We should learn to say no,this is what this revolution taught us,we shall never be trampled upon again, the online media are always there for the voiceless,they are defenders of Democracy, they are our last hope, we shall always remain grateful to them,they are our heroes for change.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]