Shallow Graves: A Month After Aljazeera Quizzes Buhari On Prayer-ground Massacre


In news deliberately made obscure, the DSS of Nigeria has attempted to link IPOB organization with the alleged abduction and murder of either four or five Hausa-Fulani men in Abia state and their alleged burial in shallow graves.

We describe the information as obscure because:

  1. The story listed four names but claimed five men were abducted.
  2. The story failed to suggest who the other fifty victims were while in effect utilizing their unidentified inclusion to further inadvertently incriminate IPOB in the minds of observers.
  3. The DSS failed to suggest the exact role of the so-called IPOB persons in the crime. IPOB consists of as many as a million Nigerians. Some of whom like everyone else may be criminals. DSS failed to describe what “elements” in IPOB means. You are either IPOB or not IPOB, you cannot be an element of IPOB.
  4. The report linked IPOB with Khalid al-Barnawi which diminished its reliability as it was obviously done to terror-brand IPOB to global readerships.
  5. The report failed to state how they were killed and how IPOB was linked to the murders.
  6. The report by failing to identify the remaining bodies left out a valuable and essential part of the story: was this a ritual burial ground? Are the other victims Hausa-Fulani too or Igbo and other?
  7. The report failed to explain why the hausa-Fulani men will be buried in hidden graves. What is more expected with terror activities is publicity. If IPOB or any other terror organization wished to make a mark, they will kill and leave the bodies on the streets and not take time and the pain to dig graves and bury them, while losing the recognition that is the sole hallmark of terror.

While NewsRescue encourages trust in the State security departments, several have raised questions on whether this is a false linkage or false flag press statement to discredit an organization that made the President of Nigeria look bad a month ago. A NewsRescue intelligence analyst further queried the combination of the two pieces of news, the alleged IPOB abduction and arrest of Boko Haram’s top commander, as unprofessionally undermining the Barnawi arrest or purposefully globally advertising the IPOB allegations. Read his interview here.