Southern Kaduna Youth Movement Warns FG, DSS, ‘You Are Calling For Violence Should Anything Happen To Apostle Sulieman’


The Southern Kaduna Youth Grassroot Movement today served a harsh warning to the Federal Government and the Director of Secret Service, DSS. That it would be a call for violence if any harm befalls Apostle Sulieman, the man with the most righteous voice in Nigeria.

This is coming after an emergency meeting today January 29, entire youths of Southern Kaduna Youth Grassroot Movement, SKYGM, endorsed with One Voice the resolution reached after the meeting, warning the Federal Government, DSS it would carry out first attack like never witnessed before in Kaduna and beyond. Also read BREAKING! SOKAPU Youths Warn El-Rufai: Blood will flow if you dare Demolish any House in Gbagyi Villa

SKYGM president, Comrade Samuel Jirayi in his statement made it clear “that it is no longer business as usual. We will no longer fold our arms to be attacked by Hausa/Fulani muslims anymore, our eyes are now open; ‘you Break my Egg, I Kill your Chicken”.

Further warning the Federal Government don’t provoke us to ground Nigeria, and making the already fragile security situation in Kaduna state worst. We don’t need to remind people that there is NNPC in our region Sabo tasha, even though they are not producing, we may go ahead to blow it up in coordinated attack like the Niger Delta Militants.

Apostle Suleiman must not be detained by DSS, oppressed and intimidated like they are doing to El-Zakzaki.

It is clear to the world that the Federal Government does not want peace in Southern Kaduna, they will not protect our people and will not allow us defend ourselves, we are now aware of right to defend against, right to carry arms, and we shall now henceforth protect our people, and region against attacks. It is obvious that the Muhammadu Buhari administration cum mallam el-rufai has rather chosen to be nonchalant to protection of the minority and has deliberately decided to allow attacks on Southern Kaduna People.