STAND FAST; An Open Letter To President Muhammad Buhari


I will rather celebrate your destiny than to congratulate you on your Election success as an elected president of this complicated country called ‘Nigeria’.

Iam certain that you are perfectly aware of all the rotten desecrated system found in this country and how some few individuals held us ransom for the better part of our lives, and how our cries and prayers for divine help brought you as the president, we all Nigerians desired.

I first met you in late 1988, immediately you were released from prison by the Babangida administration, you were looking tired when you received us in your house in Daura GRA. It happened that the Eleven planners (a football club) from Dambatta local government were to play your football team ‘Buhari Babies’ on a friendly match in Daura, and a suggestion was made to the officials of your club to arrange a meeting with you before the march kicks.

I was young then, and the motivating factor that pushed me to join the 911 vehicle provided by the Dambatta local government to transport the supporters club to Daura for the march was when one of my friend whispered into my ears that ‘ance za’a je wajen Buhari’, meaning that a rumour is circulating that you will be visited by the players and members of the supporters club.

Even though i used my hand to shake the hand of many other great leaders, like that of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Mallam Aminu Kano, Abubakar Rimi and other great individuals who visited Dambatta during the 80’s campaign visits and other engagements, shaking your hand that day changed everything in my life. Iam sure you wont forget a young man who shaked you the first time and still rejoined the line and shaked you again, what you said to me then was simple ‘baka gajiya’ meaning, you dont get tired, and you smiled, the first time i noticed your tooth gap which i could only see in the picture before.

Your greatness have influenced my life and many other millions Nigerians who strive to be like you. Your types are difficult to come by, this is because your discipline on prudence and disdain for materialism have shielded you from these vampires who have held the rest of us under duress for quite some times now.

Having said that, i would like to discuss the Nigerian project and why your failure could be a terrible thing for us all, especially my likes who have staked all their hope for a better Nigeria under your leadership as president of this country already filled with ungrateful and impatient people who want to see change in a twinkle of an eye. While it is not their fault to be impatient, their believe in your capacity could be the errand factor that accelerates their expectations in you which subsequently motivate their stand for your immediate and fast action on the many rots associated with this God forsaken country.

The last time they rigged you out, you were made to cry for the future of Nigerian nation, we all cried with you while we watched you on the TV picking out your hanky to clean your eyes of the running hot tears on your face. That day has become an indelible mark in our heart that has refused to disappear.

Then, the bad campaigns against you, after they searched all available archives in order to frame you to look bad in our eyes which would have painted you as a corrupt and lying individual who is blindly hungry to only rule us than to bring the needed change Nigerians desired.

Remember, they also tried to kill you in Kaduna, where hundreds of innocent people who were roaming the area searching for their daily bread lost their precious lives for no any valuable reason than to eliminate you in order to kill your raising star within the Nigerian State.

Their machinations seems unstoppable and their resolves unparalleled, but all that could not stop you on your path to destiny ordained by Almighty God who always decided what is to be and what is not to be.

While they tried to stop you, we on the other hand tried to stop them with our efforts and blood, and these have historically placed them in a bad history book that recorded them in the hall of shame than the hall of fame that great people are usually recorded as positive change agent gifted with the craft for humanity.

Now, what is happening is sabotage of your authority by these same vampire elements that have sucked our blood dry over the period of the time, they utilized various types of obstacles to stop your emergence, and this requires a fast act to tame them before they suck your blood and the remaining one in our vains which could only guarantee the dominance of evil over good and darkness over light which history have shown could only be sustain for a while.

An iron rod needs to be bitten while it is hot, that is the only strategy to flatten it, so inview of these, Nigerians become desperate for your prompt action that would have sent many of these babarians to prison in the your first one hundred days in office because of the many atrocities they committed against the Nigerian state and its people.

We believed in your capacity to fulfil all our desires as you promised us in your campaign period, what we want now is more speed added to your ability to deliver within these short four years period of your presidency.

These are the reasons we are now telling you to STAND FAST on the many monumental overwhelming problems and rots subjugating the Nigerian Nation.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]